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Climate change


1 The response

1.1 Potential social formations

The book Climate Leviathan gives a nice exposition of four types of climate crisis response, if you class them on the axes of capitalist vs non-capitalist and pro- or anti- planetary sovereignty. (I don't fully grasp the idea of planetary sovereignty just yet).

  Planetary sovereignty Anti-planetary sovereignty
Capitalist Climate Leviathan Climate Behemoth
Non-capitalist Climate Mao Climate X

Just going off what I remember from listening to Novara's interview with Geoff Mann, my very very crude recollection at the moment:

1.1.1 Climate Leviathan

Ultimately ineffectual. Not something we want. Essentially the ineffectiveness of COP writ large.

1.1.2 Climate Behemoth

Something like Trump, who not only doesn't give a shit about the climate, but also wouldn't want to work with other countries on it anyway.

1.1.3 Climate Mao

If a response could be centrally planned by a non-capitalist nation state.

1.1.4 Climate X

Pockets of climate activism at various scales, e.g. city level, etc.

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