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David Bollier on the commons. What is it and why does it matter?

  • Polio. Vaccine not patented. Jonas Salk.
  • Contrast with HIV/AIDS. 20,000 a month dying in South Africa. Because they couldn't afford the patented drugs. South Africa made a generic version. Drug industry called it piracy. They won. Patents caused many to die.
  • We need to bring back the commons.
  • We have an inate ability to cooperative. Res publica and res communes. Magna Carta. and the Charter of the Forest.
  • The commons were in many ways a social safety net.
  • The Constitution of the United States had bits based on the Magna Carta.
  • Benjamin Franklin didn't patent things. And he liked to reuse that which had gone before…
  • Thatcher, Reagan, brought out neoliberal capitalism in to the mainstream.
  • The 80s and 90s were awash with privatisation.
    • "Resulting in a shift of more than trillion dollars of state-owned enterprises to private interests." (dunno if that's worldwide or US)
  • enclosure of the commons.
    • Studied by Karl Polanyi. "A revolution of the rich against the poor"
  • Branded bottled water.
    • The market feeds off the commons.
  • Enclosure of broadcast airwaves. (valued today at roughly $0.5 trillion)
  • It used to be: if you take from the commons, you should give back to the commons.
  • Reagon and Clinton deregulated the airwaves.
  • Enclosure of the internet.
  • Girl scouts sued for singing puff the magic dragon.
  • Woody Guthrie didn't believe in copyright. This machine kills fascists.
  • Hardin was never describing a commons. He was describing a free-for-all. Commons have rules.
  • World Social Forum.
  • Reclaming the commons.

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