The role of technology in eco-socialism


A kind of overview / literature review. Both in terms of what an eco-socialist future might look like. And the revolutionary transition needed to get there.

1. Climate crisis

Intro that explains the severity of the situation. see e.g. Zeller article.

2. Eco-socialism

2.1. Overview of different strands

In terms of their ideas on:

  • transition
    • strategy and tactics
  • future
    • programme
    • governance structures

3. Technology

4. Technology for eco-socialism

What do the existing eco-socialist tendencies say about technology and specifically information and communication technology (big tech etc)

5. Points to intervene

With regards to systems thinking. What are the points to intervene in a system with regards to a transition to eco-socialism - earth system, political systems, economic systems? Through the lens of technology, presumably.

6. Misc

Netowkr technology (social media) was discussed heavily as part of the 2011 uprisings, though all of those ultimately did not bring a socialist. Another political approach needed, maybe another technology tool too?

7. Elsewhere

7.1. In my garden

Notes that link to this note (AKA backlinks).

7.3. Mentions

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