Rosa Luxemburg


1. Overview

  • Revolutionary socialist thinker
  • Part of the German Revolution
  • Marxist critiques
    • what are the limits to capitalist expansion
    • expanded reproduction
    • surplus value turning into active capital - disagrees that this is endless
    • there are more than just workers and capitalists in a vacuum
    • someone has to consume the leftover surplus value - who is it?
      • social strata or societies that do not engage in capitalist production
  • "Socialism or barbarism"
  • Capitalism containing inner contraditions that are seeds of its own self-destruction
    • Luxemburg makes many accurate predictions off the back of this
    • metabolism happens exponentially across the world stage
  • Betrayed by the social democratic left
  • Murdered

2. Anti-imperialism

  • imperialism: political expression of process of accumulation of capitalism in competitive struggle over unspoiled remains of the non-capitalist world environment
    • an international expression of capitalism
  • colonialism is a form of imperialism
  • capitalism drives imperialism and colonialism
    • it's the process of extracting commodities, resources and labour power from primitive social relations and absorbing it in to the capitalist wage system
    • defile natural economy
    • so many examples of capitalist-fueled imperialism
    • the accumulation of capital knows only violence

See Anti-imperialism.

3. Internationalism

  • internationalist view of political and economic frameworks of Marxism

4. Works

  • The Accumulation of Capital
  • The Mass Strike
  • Reform or Revolution
    • rejecting Bernstein
    • overtly reject capitalism through socialist revolution
    • will be ignited through growing class consciousness
    • believe in party structure
      • democratic in how she views that transition
      • believe in councils
      • but have to actively and democratically involve majority of oppressed of working class

5. Views on vanguardism

Her longing persists: a vanguard firm enough to gain power yet supple enough to wield it humanely.

Vanguard Stacks: Self-Governing against Digital Colonialism

6. Misc

Her first loves were zoology and botany. (Red Rosa)

7. Resources

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