My garden circles


For various topics, people that I have some existing mental model of, that I would look in their garden for some useful thoughts. Not necessary that I agree with. Being in one of these lists assumes the person has a fairly easily searchable digital garden somewhere, not just a social media stream.

See How I take notes. Garden circle.

MaggieAppleton/digital-gardeners is probably a useful list to look at for new gardens to peruse on topics. And

As it grows, I'm noticing that (perhaps unsurprisingly) a list-based approach to this isn't working. People tend to write on multiple things that I'm interested in, so pop up in multiple lists. Some kind of tagging or wikilinking would make more sense.

1. Knowledge management

2. Decentralised technology

3. Commoning / political organisation

4. Complex system

5. Politics, governance

6. Revolution

7. Theology

8. Coding

9. Elsewhere

9.1. In my garden

9.2. In the Agora

9.3. Mentions

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