• Enjoying the This Machine Kills podcast.
    • All the episodes I've listened to have been excellent discussions on socialism and digital technologies so far.
  • Having another attempt at getting RSS feed publishing working for commonplace. This time without trying to use a tempdir, caused too many problems last time.
  • Listened: Kill the Ecomodernist in Your Head
  • Listened: No King But Ludd (ft. Brian Merchant)
  • org-roam on the mobile with Termux is going well. Using it regularly.
  • Going to start posting my daily journal/log in the stream as well. So it's a bit more discoverable/subscribeable.
  • Been reading through Doughnut Economics again. Appreciating the chapter on systems thinking.
  • Hugo Blanco passed away.
  • Watching Captain Fantastic. A lot of fun. Points out the problems of American (Western) society. Is what they have in the woods any better though?

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