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  • Damn, after refreshing my Firefox profile, I see that Omnibear no longer exists in the Firefox plugin repo and seems to be a bit abandoned. I think you can just download it and install locally. But if it's abandoned, maybe time to look for something different.
  • I'll just use my Emacs Micropub client for now for notes. For replies, likes, etc, either I install find something else, install Omnibear, or extend the Emacs Micropub client.
  • Beating the bounds:

the practice used by many English villages of walking the perimeter of their land to identify any fences or hedges that had encroached upon their shared wealth.

Free, Fair and Alive

In our times, beating the bounds may initially involve direct action resistance and civil disobedience against enclosures, and attempts to "de-enclose" them.

Free, Fair and Alive

  • Fixed up my Emacs micropub layer a bit - specifically the querying of available syndication targets.
  • Mastodon notifications UI says "Never miss a thing", not the attitude we should be going for, IMO
  • My web setup currently is kind of a personal data store.
    • I have my garden and a journal as plain text in git.
    • My stream is in WordPress.
    • I allow different apps access to this data.
      • My own personal renderings of my data, doubleloop.net and commonplace.doubleloop.net
      • Agora has access and renders my garden as part of a larger space.
      • The Fediverse also renders my stream (I push to it, but still)
    • This is a kind of homebrew web 3.0. think this is web 3.0 to me. A Rube Goldberg version, but still.
  • So currently my main issue is the stream being in WordPress. I don't like this as a data store. I would like it in git with my other stuff, ideally. It is, some of it, in a sense. In my journal files. You could say I posse my journal to WordPress as another client. But I'm missing some key data. Metadata. Replies, responses, etc.
  • Can I PESOS maybe? From WP to git?
  • Or maybe I just use a non-WordPress frontend now. One that is git-backed. This would be the more fun approach (but much more work…)
    • Something like Barry's transformative.
    • I could use org-publish or ox-hugo for the stream too. But how would that work with micropub and responses?

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