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  • Read: New UK tech regulator to limit power of Google and Facebook
    • The framing of this is all wrong. It's all about innovation, competition, consumer choice, growth. It should be about liberation, user freedom, agency and sustainability. Just sounds like it'll be a weak opt-in 'code' that even if followed just moves the deckchairs around while the ship is sinking.
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  • Came across Felt. Worker-owned coop building "free and open source tools for building customizable self-governing communities". Do wonder it could be better/more quickly achieved by using/contributing to existing software.
    • It's a customizable open source software platform, a community and business, a co-op of worker-owners, and hopefully one day a platform co-op (communities owning themselves? absurd) — all with a purpose that puts people first. If we do it right, Felt is tech that feels good.

  • Playing some more with getting knowledge maps in to my weeknotes. This time, running org-roam-graph in the weeknotes file. I like this as a quick starter - it shows me the images based on what I've noted and linked, and serves as a good visual aid - these work well for me. It I wanted to spruce it up after the fact, I could.

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