How I take notes


When I'm taking some notes on something, I kind of do it like this:

  • Write a few sentences on what I already think about it first, before reading anything specifically elsewhere.
  • The 'subjective' view: see what's been written on it by people I already have a mental model of. Probably quote a bunch from these.
    • Friends/comrades: check in Anagora, see what's been written there
    • 'Mentors': Free, Fair and Alive / / Lean Logic
    • Counterpoints: not sure where to get these from in garden form right now, but basically people I know will probably not agree. Posting on social media is usually a good way of getting some antithesis action.
  • The 'objective' view: Wikipedia.
    • Maybe quote a bit just for understanding, but not too much from here. No point trying to recreate an objective view.
  • Synthesis
    • Actually - just leave it there if time's up for now. That's fine. Can come back to it.
    • Otherwise, try and synthesise it to understand.

Thinking about this, I want certain circles/groupings of people. e.g. for politics I'd probably go to FFA, P2P wiki, some peeps on Anagora, etc

For other stuff (let's say knowledge management), I'd probably go to Phil Jones, Bill Seitz, some Anagora peeps, etc

1. Elsewhere

1.1. In my garden

Notes that link to this note (AKA backlinks).

1.2. In the Agora

1.3. Mentions

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