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I like it. In terms of organisation, sounds similar to Institutional Analysis and Development, Viable system model, Horizontalism vs verticalism, etc.

1. In commoning

In a heterarchy, different types of rules and organizational structures are combined. They may include, for example, top-down hierarchies and bottom-up participation (both of which are vertical), and peer-to-peer dynamics (which are horizontal).

Free, Fair and Alive

In a heterarchy, people can achieve socially mindful autonomy by combining multiple types of governance in the same system.

Free, Fair and Alive

Heterarchy brings together top-down and bottom-up (both hierarchical), and peer-to-peer dynamics. One can think of it as reconciling distributed networks and hierarchies.

Free, Fair and Alive

2. In knowledge management

Traditional note taking methods, including outliners (Workflowy, Dynalist) necessitate creation of preconceived hierarchies, built “top-down”. In contrast, the heterarchy of Zettelkasten is built organically from “bottom-up” via gradual forming of links between the notes.

Heterarchy - Neuron Zettelkasten

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