Green New Deal


1 Thoughts

I like the Green New Deal at the moment. The idea of transitioning to an environmentally sustainable economy that stays within global boundaries while providing jobs and prosperity - all sounds pretty good.

However, I'm not really aware of all the details, and I know there are critiques of it, and I'd like to read up on those.

2 As a policy

They make some good points about it on this episode of NovaraFM:

  • it works best as a policy if its very bold - e.g. 2030 as the target
  • it is superficially quite easy to understand, even if you don't dive into all of the depth behind it
  • it could work as a bold single issue policy that counters the 'get Brexit done' single issue policy of the Tories
  • it needs to be framed with an antagonist - in this case, the 1% who need to pay their taxes in order to provide the money to fund it

3 Clean energy jobs

Coalfield communities built our wealth and influence at great cost. We are owed new clean energy jobs and the infrastructure to create them.

– Lisa Nandy, Yes, we need climate action; but it needs to be rooted in people’s daily reality

4 Dencentraliesd ownership

  • Green new deal fits well with decentralised worker ownership

5 Criticisms

The so-called “green new deal” is willing to create hope, but is giving space to companies, corporations and governments dedicated to exploiting and destroying nature. – About the climate strike and the dark sides of the “green new deal”

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