Green New Deal


1. Thoughts

I like the Green New Deal at the moment. The idea of transitioning to an environmentally sustainable economy that stays within global boundaries while providing jobs and prosperity - all sounds pretty good.

However, I'm not really aware of all the details, and I know there are critiques of it, and I'd like to read up on those.

2. As a policy

They make some good points about it on this episode of NovaraFM:

  • it works best as a policy if its very bold - e.g. 2030 as the target
  • it is superficially quite easy to understand, even if you don't dive into all of the depth behind it
  • it could work as a bold single issue policy that counters the 'get Brexit done' single issue policy of the Tories
  • it needs to be framed with an antagonist - in this case, the 1% who need to pay their taxes in order to provide the money to fund it

3. Clean energy jobs

Coalfield communities built our wealth and influence at great cost. We are owed new clean energy jobs and the infrastructure to create them.

– Lisa Nandy, Yes, we need climate action; but it needs to be rooted in people’s daily reality

4. Dencentraliesd ownership

  • Green new deal fits well with decentralised worker ownership

5. Criticisms

The so-called “green new deal” is willing to create hope, but is giving space to companies, corporations and governments dedicated to exploiting and destroying nature. – About the climate strike and the dark sides of the “green new deal”

6. Misc

In contrast to the failed neoliberal attempt to address rising CO2 levels by creating a market for carbon credits, the GND puts forward a green Keynesianism that places public job creation and enhanced social welfare at the center of its decarbonization strategy.

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