Digital weeding and watering

planted: 27/04/2024last tended: 01/06/2024

A bunch of jobs to keep my digital garden in good health.

Perhaps this kind of tidying up also acts as a kind of Spaced repetition? In that it nudges me to come back to nodes I may have otherwise forgotten about.

1. Orphans

2. Introverts

3. Exiles

4. Things without claims

Podcasts, articles, etc, where I haven't yet made a claim.

5. Empty pages / stubs

I don't have a good way of querying for this just yet.

6. Pages that haven't been edited for a long time

I don't have a good way of querying for this just yet.

7. Review

This has been very useful already.

I've found:

  • pages that were using old file: links (e.g. Praxis)
  • duplicate nodes (e.g. Philsophize This).
  • pages that I'm interested in, but just had never had time to write anything about (e.g. climate action)
  • mistakenly created pages

And it has been fun to revisit various older pages in the process.

8. Elsewhere

8.1. In my garden

Notes that link to this note (AKA backlinks).

8.3. Mentions

Recent changes. Source. Peer Production License.