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How to build a new world in the shell of the old


How to build a new world in the shell of the old

  • "As hierarchical society gives way to genuine democracy,

is the institutions we orgnise and experiment with today that will become the replacements."

  • "By meeting basic community needs, such institutions

rupture capitalism's control over people's lives."

  • "Every city has its graveyard of nonprofits, cooperatives,

social clubs and community centres. Without the more complex infrastructure of a whole solidarity economy ecosystem, our local projects cannot possibly amount to a systemic alternative to capitalism."

  • I like this article.
  • talking about dual power.
  • we build the grassroots movements, but we also have to think about the bigger picture.
  • similar to inventing the future, similar to cooperation


  • without a joined up bigger picture, it won't happen.
  • they seem to suggest that both the solidarity economy and social economy/bookchin ideas might be the way of getting

to this point.

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