Choose Commons-Friendly Financing

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A pattern for commoning. In the Peer Governance sphere of commoning.

In Free, Fair and Alive it's referred to as Finance Commons Provisioning, but 'Choose Commons-Friendly Financing' is used in the Pattern Language wiki:

I prefer this name, I think it places more emphasis on only looking at the finance options if you need them.

1. Reduce the need for finance

You want to try and reduce the necessity of money in the first place.

The pursuit of money and market success, usually seen as a necessary path to community well-being, too often ends up subordinating it to outside markets and capital.

Free, Fair and Alive

Don't let it dominate the dynamics of the commons.

the health of any commons depends upon preventing money from dominating its social dynamics. If debt or capital compromise people’s independence or sow social divisions, a commons will likely fall apart. It is therefore helpful for commoners (or anybody) to become less dependent on money and markets.

Free, Fair and Alive

And you want to favour peer-driven approaches over outside investment to keep the value in the commons.

Peer-driven approaches enable commoners to recirculate the value that they create for mutual benefit, rather than letting creditors or outside equity holders siphon value away in the form of interest or dividend payments.

Free, Fair and Alive

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