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Flock is the name I'm giving my personal wiki / notes / stream / garden / flow / stock setup. It's a Rube Goldberg device of various other systems, so it's handy to have a word to refer to it all with.

Flock as a portmanteau of flow and stock, and also because I like flocks of birds and agent-based systems. I like the idea of groups of people doing similar stuff to this, autonomously but connected, producing emergent phenomena.

1 Parts

  • org-mode
  • org-roam
  • orgzly
  • org-publish
  • WordPress with IndieWeb plugins

2 Fleeting notes

I take these with org-capture if I'm at my desktop, orgzly if I'm somewhere with my mobile.

3 Permanent notes

Write them in org-roam. Link them from my stream.

4 Garden / stock

Same as permanent notes? This is org-roam, anyway.

5 Stream / flow

I write this in org-roam first with org-roam-daily. Most stuff I'll then publish to my WordPress site, by publishing to html from org-roam and then copy/pasting into WordPress.

I do this as on WP I have feeds / webmentions set up, so I can get a bit of interactivity with my friends through this. As well as POSSE, etc. All the IndieWeb goodness.

6 Articles

org-roam, but then publish on WordPress.

7 Principles

  • Local-first. I don't want to be dependent on connectivity, at least not for the basics of capturing notes and writing.

8 Itches

  • Rather than copy/paste my notes from published org-roam to WordPress, push them via micropub.
    • Would require the content to be converted to HTML first, otherwise it would still be marked up in org-mode. Micropub accepts html.
  • Or, set up webmentions etc as some layer on top of published org-roam, so WP no longer needed
  • With my current setup, I can't really post from my phone. I mean I can post via micropub to WP, but that I have to PESOS back to my org-roam version. So what I do is just take it as a note in orgzly, and post it later. I'm kind of OK with that - I have no need for things to be instant. That said, it could be nice to bring back micropub into the equation, just because I like it.

9 Backlinks

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