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My blog and wiki process

I water my garden to help it grow. I get the water from the stream.

Currently working out how I write and share and evolve my thoughts in my blog and wiki combo. At the moment I'm trying to start with the stream, my flow, and then incorporate that back into the garden/stock.

Ton's mentioned once having a script that publishes blog content straight into wiki, for later refinement. I'm kind of doing this, just manual til it hurts for now.

Recently, I've enjoyed writing things in to the stream, with links from some of the things in the notes going to their page on the wiki. Kind of like - these is very latest thoughts on these topics (that I've thought about before), what do others think? And those thoughts will get integrated in to the wiki fairly quickly. I noticed Ton doing that quite often - the most recent post links back to many other posts for some context. It shows a nice evolution of thoughts.

0.1 Process issues

  • I have been wikifying past stream posts on things
    • duplication of effort
    • how would I avoid that duplication of effort going forwards?
    • so that things from the stream end up in the wiki with minimal effort
    • possibly using the org-roam timeline feature as the place to do stream posts would work for that
      • one day… I'd want the stream to be all be indiewebified
  • With the wiki gardening, as I update my thoughts… I'm losing some of their history!!
    • I can either write that history into the wiki post, or maybe if stream posts link to the wiki post and appear as backlinks, that'd work (although it would assume the wiki post already exists to be linked to)
  • I have one system for the stream, and one for the garden. It's a bit 'manual til it hurts' at the moment combining the two - but not a big deal. If I had a choice, I'd go for moving the stream to org-mode too. But WordPress is so full featured for now with IndieWeb stuff, it'd take a long time to recreate all that in org-mode (there is Arcology though if only could get the source…)

0.2 Linking some things to months in the wiki

  • the stream is sometime referred to as the timeline, but I also quite like the idea of having a timeline in my wik, too - so I'll link certain things to dates when they happened (e.g. when I finished a particular book)
  • so it's not a stream, it's a timeline I can come back to and look at key events

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