YunoHost 'Corrupted YAML read'


Updating some things on YunoHost, and this error keeps popping up:

The YAML metadata file associated with logs is damaged: '/var/log/yunohost/categories/operation/20210213-182315-appinstall-archivist.yml Error: Corrupted YAML read from /var/log/yunohost/categories/operation/20210213-182315-appinstall-archivist.yml (reason: expected '', but found '' in "", line 1, column 13: '**'a'**'r'**'g'** … ^)'

There's a thread here (in French), and one here that's similar-ish. Neither seems to have a useful answer.

If I inspect the file that the error is complaining about, then it's full of junk. Given it's a log file, and it's corrupted, I just removed it, and that stopped the error appearing.

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