• Self-hosting made a bit easier.
  • My notes on Setting up YunoHost.
  • Truth: setting up Yunohost and using it to install Invidious, is easier than just installing Invidious by itself.
  • Interesting the default preference for subfolders rather than subdomains. I kind of prefer subdomains, but I feel like that's maybe just familiarity. Obviously some nice reverse proxy magic being set up by YunoHost too, would be interesting to look at that.
  • The way the YunoHost SSO straight in to NextCloud works is pretty sweet.
  • The fact YunoHost has the Anarchist Library as an app tells you something about its ethics :) (I think it's partly because it's building on top of Debian, which also bundles that library IIRC).

1 Maintenance

1.1 Updates

I check for updates via the YunoHost admin section ( once a week. The System updates seem to just be whatever apt finds for updates. The Application updates are the apps you've installed via YunoHost.

1.2 Backups

Haven't got a good story for this yet. Just relying on Hetzner daily server backups for now.

2 Elsewhere in the garden

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