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To me, a personal wiki is (currently) a kind of digital form of a commonplace book - that is, an electronic scrapbook to record my thoughts along with snippets of things I see or hear elsewhere.

The purpose is to help me note-take, organise my thoughts, and think through new things. A type of personal knowledge management, I suppose.

I like the idea of calling a personal wiki a digital commonplace book, as there is lots of history to draw on from commonplace books.

I tend to use commonplace book, personal wiki, and knowledge base fairly interchangebly.

1 Wiki content

What do you put in a personal wiki?

2 Audience of a personal wiki

3 Why have one?

I find writing too hard to want to spend it on things that disappear

– Martin Fowler (What is a Bliki)

4 How should you structure a personal wiki?

5 Personal textbooks

6 How personal is a personal wiki?

7 Wikis I like

Some personal wikis for inspiration.

8 Wiki tooling

9 Wikis as hypertext

10 Graph

11 Backlinks

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