1 What is a wiki?

Quite an amorphous term these days.

soft security, editability of both content + metadata, recent changes, permalinks, editable namespaces. A healthy dose of eventualism

– SJ, Agora Discuss

Wiki is perhaps the only web idiom that is not a child of BBS culture. It derives historically from pre-web models of hypertext, with an emphasis on the pre. The immediate ancestor of wiki was a HyperCard stack maintained by Ward Cunningham that attempted to capture community knowledge among programmers. Its philosophical godfather was the dead-tree hypertext A Pattern Language written by Christopher Alexander in the 1970s.

Can Blogs and Wiki Be Merged? | Hapgood

Wiki iterates not through the creation of new posts, but through the refactoring of old posts. It shows not a mind in motion, but the clearest and fairest description of what that mind has (or more usually, what those minds have) arrived at. I t values reuse over reply, and links are not pointers to related conversations but to related ideas.

Can Blogs and Wiki Be Merged? | Hapgood

2 Is a personal wiki an oxymoron?

What wiki brought to these models, which were personal to start with, was collaboration. Wiki values are often polar opposites of blogging values. Personal voice is meant to be minimized. Voices are meant to be merged.

Can Blogs and Wiki Be Merged? | Hapgood

Not so true for the personal wiki. Maybe a personal wiki is wiki software but with different values for the output?

Rather than serial presentation, wiki values treating pages as nodes that stand outside of any particular narrative, and attempt to be timeless rather than timebound reactions.

Can Blogs and Wiki Be Merged? | Hapgood

This is still true for personal wikis.

3 Elsewhere in the garden

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  • 2021-07-11
  • Anarchism
  • The importance of social media
  • Anarchist Cybernetics
    • Wiki / Digital garden adjacent.

      Memory/​narrative. Given the importance of strategy and grand strategy in anarchist cybernetics, functionality in an alternative digital platform to support long-​term planning, for example through facilitating a narrative-​ or memory-​focused layer to communication and organising, would be essential. This would entail a shift away from the short-​term stream-​centred approach of mainstream social media, where users experience content as isolated posts with little relation to what has come before them or what will follow them.

  • Personal Wikis

To me, a personal wiki is (currently) a kind of digital form of a commonplace book - that is, an electronic scrapbook to record my thoughts along with snippets of things I see or hear elsewhere.

I’m hoping that at some point I’ll be able to use the version history of my wiki to turn the evolution of my graph into a nice timelapse animation – I think that would be a really fun visualisation, to see it grow and morph over time, new links forming, new clusters.

Roam and wikis get namechecked as examples of regularly occurring attempts to rebuild Xanadu concepts, badly.. I suppose you could argue, at least they actually exist :)

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