What are the similarities and differences between Agora and FedWiki?


I'm inspired by the way in which FedWiki is described in the section in Free, Fair and Alive on A Platform Designed for Collaboration: Federated Wiki. And I feel Agora achieves this same principle, but in a different way.

In some ways better in my opinion - I think FedWiki is very advanced and does a great job of neighbourhoods, cloning pages and parts of pages, tracing lineage, etc. But it feels a bit like a monoculture - I have no idea how much of it works outside of the FedWiki ecosystem.

Agora on the other hand I see as an aggregator and a bridge of digital gardens. And these digital gardens can be made in whichever way you choose - as long as you can output them in a standard markdown format, they can be pulled in to the Agora. My garden can (and does) live entirely outside of the Agora, in parallel with living inside of it. This is really important.

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