Weeknotes W28 2022

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tl;dr: more eco-socialism. Watching things and trying to get more out of them by thinking about them critically. Some emacs faffing. Much more happened of course, but I don't tend to write much about work or my private life here in my digital garden.

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  • I appear to be missing in action this day.

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4. Wednesday

  • So cool that KeePassXC comes with a CLI! Makes sense but I hadn't realised. That is very handy for me.
  • Listened: The Uber files: the unicorn
    • Generally been avoiding a lot of the Uber Files stuff so far. Not quite sure why… it's just kind of depressing I guess. And kind of confirming what was already known or suspected - that a firm built on aggression, growth and toxic masculinity is corrupt and rotten on the inside as well as the outside.
  • Growth.

What the system has done, as a mechanism to continue with growth at all costs, is actually to burn the future. And the future is the least renewable resource. There is no way that we can reuse the time we had when we started this conversation. And by building up a system which is more debt-driven—where we keep consumption going, but by creating more and more debt—what we’re actually doing is burning or stealing the time of people in the future. Because their time will be devoted to repaying the debt

The Infamous 1972 Report That Warned of Civilization's Collapse | WIRED (h/t Doug Belshaw)

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