VPS providers using renewable energy


Very handy list of VPS providers using renewable energy here https://office.uniteddiversity.coop/s/oZjArwQDtPEgGFd from @jdaviescoates.

On the list as of Dec 2020 are:

I found 1984 (https://1984.is) through it, who look really good.

1 Comparison notes

1.1 1984

  • good ethics
  • I like their interface, nice and simple.
  • They don't seem to do automated backups? You have to do them manually?

1.2 hetzner

They feel a bit more pro, a bit bigger scale. Not quite so explicit about having good ethics.

Their cloud console is much more slick, and feels pretty familiar if you're used to Digital Ocean's.

Automatic backup snapshots provided.

Very quick to spin up a new VPS.

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