using ox-hugo for publishing my org-roam digital garden

planted: 08/07/2022last tended: 02/04/2023

Seems like a pretty long-lived and stable option for org-mode publishing.

1. Issues

1.1. Prefers one post per org subtree

Fair enough, but that's not how org-roam works. Hopefully having one post per org file doesn't equate to being a second class citizen in ox-hugo.

1.2. hugo frontmatter properties

Turns out that that is a problem. You seem to need to manage various #+hugo_ properties per file. That's fine if you have one file. Not if you've got over 4000 files.

That said, it has some org-roam files in its test site, and these don't seem to have hugo front matter in them. Is it done with dir-locals?

Maybe not:

Huh. Should give it a whirl to see for myself, but not now.

2. Resources

3. Elsewhere

3.1. In my garden

3.3. Mentions

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