Using org-mode for timeblocking

planted: 26/03/2024last tended: 26/03/2024

I used to use Goalist for timeblocking / hyperscheduling.

There's lot of unfortunate '10x your productivity' articles around the practice, but I just found it very useful to keep on top of things and for my peace of mind.

Goalist was really great in terms of functionality, but I got annoyed partly that it was proprietary, but mostly that I couldn't sync it and make use of it anywhere else other than on my phone.

So - I'm now trying to use org-mode for timeblocking. I've had one attempt at this before, half-building my own Quasar app that works off an org-mode file ( Never finished it though.

Recently I'm trying out org-timeblock and trying out calfw-blocks. There's also org-hyperscheduler which I might look at if the others don't pan out.

To be continued.

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