Updating to org-roam 1.2.3


org-roam 1.2.3 came out on 13th November 2020.

1 Update steps

  • SPC f e U to invoke configuration-layer/update-packages (spacemacs' update packages command).
    • Updates all packages, not just org-roam - is there a way to do just one?
    • Open org-roam - it needs to update the DB from v9 to v10.
      • This is taking a few minutes for my >1000 files.
      • And it has frozen… is it because I edited a file while it was in progress?
        • I cancelled the operation. Now if I do org-roam-db-build-cache, it doesn't do anything process any more files.
        • Restarted, nothing happened.
        • Superficially appears OK, but I'm wondering what will be the deal with those 500 or so files that didn't get processed? I'll just use it and see.

2 Things that broke

I noticed that my backlinks weren't publishing. This might have already been happening anyway, and I just noticed. But here were the issues:

So I've updated commonplace/org-roam--backlinks-list function with these changes.

I noticed here that Jethro has a slightly different function for this these days - I wonder if the logic here would be worth adding to mine too.

In addition to this, while debugging I noticed I was looking at the wrong DB location - I was personally looking at the DB in the project folder, but org-roam was looking at the DB in .emacs.d. I have a feeling my publish.el was also looking in the project folder, but not confirmed. For now I've updated publish.el to explicitly look at emacs.d location with (setq org-roam-db-location "/home/neil/.emacs.d/org-roam.db"), but I'd actually rather they both looked in the project directory. Will have to see what happened to my .dir-locals.el.

UPDATE: yeah it turns out org-roam-db-location needs setting in dir-locals: https://www.orgroam.com/manual.html#How-do-I-have-more-than-one-Org_002droam-directory_003f . This seems to have been the case for a while though, so not sure why this changed recently.

3 New features

The main one of interest to me looks like Revamp org-roam-dailies. Although, from watching the video, it doesn't seem to do anything that I wasn't already doing? I use org-roam-dailies-today, and I already had org-roam-dailies-capture-templates set up.

Actually now I get the message -

‘org-roam-dailies-today’ is an obsolete command (as of org-roam 1.2.2); use ‘org-roam-dailies-find-today’ instead.

4 Elsewhere in the garden

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