trying out org-timeblock

planted: 25/03/2024last tended: 25/03/2024

1. Issues

Not necessarily with org-timeblock itself - might just be my setup.

  • requires SVG support - termux emacs doesn't seem to have svg support compiled in
    • org-timeblock gives message image-type: Invalid image type 'svg'
    • maybe I could try Emacs Android build specifically for this?
    • I think it's for actual display in Emacs, not just for export. So a hard dependency.
    • (image-type-available-p 'svg) returns nil, so it's not present.
  • doesn't seem to work at all in emacs -nw
    • fails because face-font doesn't return as expected in no window mode
  • doesn't seem to play nicely with evil mode
  • various warnings at installation
  • changing the timerange of a task doesn't seem to work

2. Thoughts

Looks very nice, but some showstoppers for me.

Might try calfw-blocks instead - is that text only?

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