trying out calfw-blocks

planted: 26/03/2024last tended: 26/03/2024

Trying out calfw-blocks as a means to Using org-mode for timeblocking.

On my desktop, added a private spacemacs layer setting up calfw (based on then extended it with some calfw-blocks setup.

On mobile:

  • added the calendar app to init.el - this sets up calfw
  • added calfw-blocks to packages.el
  • and then some setup in config.el.
(package! calfw-blocks :recipe (:host github :repo "ml729/calfw-blocks"))
(use-package calfw-blocks
  (defun ngm/org-day-blocks ()
    (cfw:org-create-source "medium purple")
    (cfw:org-create-file-source "Day" "/storage/emulated/0/org/" "green")
   :view 'block-day)))

Should check my version of the spacemacs layer in somewhere. And my doom init and config files.

1. Issues

  • does the agenda source not include overdue items?
  • if items A ends at xx:00 and item B starts at xx:00 then they're drawn with an overlap rather than contiguous

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