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1 oggcamp

1.1 day 1

    • nice use of peer production
    • pulled it together with a few simple technologies
    • people like the leaderboard…
  • mqtt
    • what's it for?
      • messaging queue
      • streams of data from sensor devices?
    • mosquitto
    • used with IoT things?
    • sceptical about overuse of IoT
    • but liked the use of it around energy poverty
    • and saving energy from fridges - detecting when seal was wasting energy (however the answer was replacement??)
    • saving energy from detecting positions of animals in enclosures
  • I gave a talk on community repair
    • it was international repair day
    • talked about what community repair is
    • talked about open data we publish
    • global movement
    • talked about right to repair
  • ubuntu snaps
    • interesting, how does it compare/relate to nix/guix?
    • sounds similar in some ways
    • universal packaging system, allow for multiple versions side by side
    • easy rollback
  • astralship
    • really liked this
    • a small alternative living space, mix of permaculture and technology
    • comes from pirate politics to some degree
    • liked the ship metaphors.. you don't go on workshops, you go on voyages
    • idea is to enable deep flow states to try and solve some of current global problems
    • the geodesic domes are also interesting
  • video downloads
  • panel discussion
    • taking up linux more in schools: main problem is awareness of its existences
    • computing curriculum is apparently currently rubbish
      • boring
      • would be better if it was project based
    • microsoft - good or bad?
      • for me, focused too much on whether its good or bad for open source
      • didn't look at ethics of microsoft overall
        • ICE, AI for fossil fuel yields

2 your undivided attention

2.1 the dictator's handbook

  • Dec of human rights as basis of content moderation
  • FreeBasics is colonialism

3 Digital welfare state

4 Permalinks

Not sure how I feel about the 'Cool URIs don't change' thing. I like the act of forgetting.

I guess that article is more focused on not breaking links to things that you want to stay available, which is fair enough.

But I'm thinking more of things that you may wish to not be permanent. It's not really my desire and I feel not my responsibility to make my past thoughts permanently accessible by anyone else. If I want to change them and forget them, I should be able to. I suppose you could keep the URI in place, but let people know that you've pulled that bit of info out of the public sphere.

Why share it at all online then? Many reasons. For dialogue and discussion, finding people with similar ideas. But not as a permanent record.

5 To expand/misc

  • heidegger, simondom (modes of existence of technical objects)
  • deleuze and guetarri
  • Philosophers historically pushed technology aside
  • simondon - alienation from technics
  • Adorno for ideas of mass communciation and culture industry

6 "Governments around the world are heading for a massive gap between the demand for social services and the ability to pay for them."

7 Backlinks

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