Fleeting notes that I probably want to make permanent in the wiki. Keeping them here to avoiding clogging up rest of org…

1. oggcamp

1.1. day 1

    • nice use of peer production
    • pulled it together with a few simple technologies
    • people like the leaderboard…
  • mqtt
    • what's it for?
      • messaging queue
      • streams of data from sensor devices?
    • mosquitto
    • used with IoT things?
    • sceptical about overuse of IoT
    • but liked the use of it around energy poverty
    • and saving energy from fridges - detecting when seal was wasting energy (however the answer was replacement??)
    • saving energy from detecting positions of animals in enclosures
  • I gave a talk on community repair
    • it was international repair day
    • talked about what community repair is
    • talked about open data we publish
    • global movement
    • talked about right to repair
  • ubuntu snaps
    • interesting, how does it compare/relate to nix/guix?
    • sounds similar in some ways
    • universal packaging system, allow for multiple versions side by side
    • easy rollback
  • astralship
    • really liked this
    • a small alternative living space, mix of permaculture and technology
    • comes from pirate politics to some degree
    • liked the ship metaphors.. you don't go on workshops, you go on voyages
    • idea is to enable deep flow states to try and solve some of current global problems
    • the geodesic domes are also interesting
  • video downloads
  • panel discussion
    • taking up linux more in schools: main problem is awareness of its existences
    • computing curriculum is apparently currently rubbish
      • boring
      • would be better if it was project based
    • microsoft - good or bad?
      • for me, focused too much on whether its good or bad for open source
      • didn't look at ethics of microsoft overall
        • ICE, AI for fossil fuel yields

2. your undivided attention

2.1. the dictator's handbook

  • Dec of human rights as basis of content moderation
  • FreeBasics is colonialism

3. Politics

3.1. Refugee Crisis

3.1.1. No one puts their children in a dinghy unless the water is safer than the land   quote

3.2. Energy Policy   green

3.2.1. Onshore wind and solar will be as cheap as or cheaper than gas by 2020

3.2.2. Increased role for renewewables, particularly due to improvements in battery storage

3.2.3. Environment Plan Don't want to lose environmental protections from EU law UK used to be known as the dirty man of Europe

3.3. Inventing the future

3.3.1. Catalogue of sci-fi matching political ideas I'm interested in

3.4. Information goods are increasingly used as a way of enforcing purchase of market goods

3.5. My politics

What are my values? And from there, what are my politics? I believe in the solidarity economy. I believe in dual power as a means of transition. I believe in community organising. The avoidance of unnecessary hierarchy. I believe in cooperativism and worker self-direction. I would say that I am a social anarchist, but not sure of specific tendency. I like Bookchin's writings, so perhaps a communalist.

4. To investigate

4.1. Repowering london

4.2. Population increases two people every second?

4.3. 2050 Nigeria pop equal to China?

5. Politics

5.1. Castells

5.2. Tiqqun

5.3. Shipping container vs dock workers

5.4. Outrage on the internet

5.5. If you took out tv signal would it affect anyone negatively?

5.6. 3 aspects = automation?, surveillance and control?, commoditization

5.7. Right look for converts, left look for traitors

6. Getting outside the social industry

What are some ways to get outside the social industry? To break the pattern of railing against the spectacle just being part of the spectacle. Like some of the stuff Adorno chats about as being outside the culture industry. Maybe the cyberflaneur stuff. That kind of stuff, draw on some of these movements and look for parallels.

Let's say that the connection is axiomatic. Everything else (likes, replies, etc) is spectacle unless proven otherwise. What new forms can we find that are completely outside of what has gone before? Avoid the formula of the social industry.

7. TODO Return to group chats

Interesting. Mentioned on Joanne interview twsu.


Juan podcast

9. TODO Global tech taxes

Juan podcast

10. TODO I don't want my free time to be labour for a big tech firm

11. TODO How do you define value of big tech firms?

12. TODO Social media addiction is attacking people's freedom of thought

13. TODO Solidarity across tech supply chains

Mentioned in grace blakely podcast

14. TODO Attwntion econony and the sociert of the spectscle

15. TODO Cloud apps are a bit like supply chains

Global products, we have little agency.

16. TODO Solidarity without class consciousness

That article says it can be dangerous. Parallel to libre software and use by big tech firms?


Imagine if various States made interoperable platforms. With content from each.

18. TODO Doesn't decentralization just mean you can't track fascists etc?

They have somewhere to hide themselves? I got asked this question.

19. TODO You needed access to a networked computer, and the knowledge–neither of those have ever been evenly distributed–but the technical architecture was incredibly exciting.

20. Tools for support

  • into tools for thought, but they feel always quite individualistic. what about tools for support? community building? Microsolidarity?

21. GPT-3 and me

How to set up little GPT-3 prompts using my wiki as a corpus?

22. TODO economic policy in response to Big Tech must go beyond the fascination with data. If hardware is important too, then opening up data is an ineffective idea at best and a counter-productive idea at worst. It could simply mean that the tech giants get access to even more free data – while everyone else trains their open data on Amazon’s servers. If we want to take back control over Big Tech, we need to pay attention to more than just data.

23. TODO Existing arguments about how large tech companies freely use open-source software as a foundation to build their proprietary empires must also be supplemented with the ways in which free – and waged – labour are brought into the ambit of companies via things like open-source frameworks

24. TODO monopolisation of AI is not just – or even primarily – a data issue. Monopolisation is driven as much by the barriers to entry posed by fixed capital, and the ‘virtuous cycles’ that compute and labour are generating for the AI providers.

25. TODO phrase is both a promise and a deflection. It’s a plea for unearned trust — give us time, we are working toward progress. And it cuts off meaningful criticism — yes, we know this isn’t enough, but more is coming

26. TODO The architecture of the social network — its algorithmic mandate of engagement over all else, the advantage it gives to divisive and emotionally manipulative content — will always produce more objectionable content at a dizzying scale.

27. TODO “You see lots of people putting forth a hopeful idea of a new, humane social media platform to rescue us — one that respects privacy or is less algorithmically coercive,” Siva Vaidhyanathan, a professor of media studies at the University of Virginia, told me recently. “But if we’re being honest, what they’re really proposing at that point is not really social media anymore.” In other words, the architecture is the problem

28. TODO Tiera comun

29. TODO Furness Line

One of the most scenic lines on the UK that I've been on…

30. TODO Superintelligence

If you think that a superintelligencee would mean total domination and subordination, that shows what you view to be intelligent behaviour.

31. TODO Economic Networks —

32. TODO Frameworks

But once you are given a tool that operates effortlessly — but only in a certain way — every choice that deviates from the standard represents a major cost.

33. TODO

34. TODO Schools in England told not to use material from anti-capitalist groups | Education | The Guardian

35. TODO Ethics and agency

Agency and subjection Four /3 software freedoms Change from kantian to agency based framework

36. TODO

37. TODO

38. TODO Tethered economy

39. TODO

40. TODO Connected thought

In short, increasing the rate of innovation can be achieved by fostering an environment with enough sociability (so we can collaborate and combine ideas), enough transmission fidelity (so we don’t keep on re-inventing the wheel), and enough transmission variance (so we can incrementally improve the wheel instead).

41. TODO Interconnected zettelkasten

And threaded twitter (or threaded mastodon?)

42. TODO

43. TODO

44. TODO

45. TODO

46. TODO The law, sometimes heralded as “ the ‘Magna Carta’ of the internet,” was passed in 1996 to provide websites with incentive to delete pornography, but it has since evolved. It is now effectively a shield websites use to protect them from responsibility for all sorts of activity on their platforms, from illegal gun sales to discriminatory ads.  

47. TODO Citron has worked for nearly two decades to find legal and social strategies to combat the cyber harassment and invasions of sexual privacy that women, sexual minorities, and people of color disproportionately experience online

48. TODO IndieWeb seems like one of most active ways political in tech? Or at least an active way.. Right to repair too.

49. TODO I decided to hand-code everything in plain HTML and CSS, manually link all the pages and even hand-write the RSS feed. And to be honest, I haven’t had this much fun making a website since when I first started playing around with Microsoft Frontpage and Adobe Photoshop 4.0 in the late 90s and early 2000s.

50. TODO It was all terribly exciting. Unlike traditional media, you could now speak back and participate. It was the first interplanetary communication system where anyone, anywhere in the world, could make a page and share their thoughts and ideas with the world.

51. TODO But if you wanted your web page to be "on the web", where would you put it? You needed a web host of some sort to store the pages and share a public address so other people could visit. It would ideally also be free so you could try things for fun without having to think about it too much.

Beaker makes this.change?

52. TODO One way of doing so was by browsing directories, like the Geocities neighbourhoods: lists of websites often arranged by categories and sub-categories. In fact, most search engines were also directories, or portals as some were called back then.

Cyberflaneur ism?

53. TODO

54. TODO Gated community more than a walled garden

Emphasis on the gated, less on the community…

With the same hostility to the outsider. .

Interesting how architrctural metapjors come up so much. Jane Jacobs.

55. “The system had to have one other fundamental property: It had to be completely decentralized. That would be the only way a new person somewhere could start to use it without asking for access from anyone else.” (Berners-Lee and Fischetti 1999, p. 16).

56. Six experiments in social housing   wiki writing

57.   wiki

58. TODO One of the hardest things about recycling is that you are not sure how [the manufacturers] made it,” says Kirkman.   wiki

59. TODO Starting from March 2021, manufacturers selling certain household appliances will have to ensure that spare parts are available for a number of years after their product has launched; that their items can be easily disassembled (and so use screws not glue); and that they provide access to technical information to repair professionals.    wiki

60. TODO Buyerarchy of needs   wiki

61. Postmodernism, or, The Cultural Logic of Late Capitalism [00:57:24]

Chronological timelines and remembering the past, collapsing of time

62. Episode #116 … Structuralism and Mythology pt. 1

63. Structuralism and Mythology pt. 2 [00:04:18]

Social media timelines we.make. for ourselves are a mythology?

64. Facebook ad boycott

When you look at the list of names of companies it is kind of depressing. And you partly think.- how can something instigated by these kinds of groups actually be good.

I guess if they rrpedent the demands of citizens, then good. But not convinced.

65. Four ways to change the world Lessig



68. Unflattening — Nick Sousanis | Harvard University Press

69. TODO

70. TODO Share via

The age of low-tech: towards a technically sustainable civilisation

71. TODO Emacs Chat: Conversations about an awesome text editor –

72. TODO

73. TODO

74. TODO

75. TODO Indie web is interconnected zettelkasten

76. TODO European Parliament Votes for Right to Repair - iFixit

77. TODO Death via ipad

78. TODO GIU designing freedom

79. TODO Tech workers have unique access to current means of production

80. TODO Less is more hickel

81. TODO LikeWar: The Weaponization of Social Media

82. TODO


84. TODO Refugees and coronavirus

The coronavirus pandemic that threatens to overwhelm the camps will have “catastrophic consequences for the refugees, Greek inhabitants and the rest of European society,” says the petition, launched last week by Dutch medical professors and public health experts.

It is an illusion to think that a COVID-19 outbreak in these camps could be kept under control: 40,000 people are living on a few square kilometres, and there are only a handful of doctors present. Many children and adults are already ravaged by physical and mental traumas.

If Europe looks away now, this situation could escalate to become a medical disaster, which would represent a serious violation of the norms and values of European healthcare. It is our duty to prevent this from happening.

85. TODO Police and prison

Recent story where someone was promoting longer sentence lengths for murder of emergency workers?

86. TODO How Facebook changedd

“We do not and will not use cookies to collect private information from any user,” vowed an early privacy policy.

87. TODO Share via

Mandating interoperability, for example, would make it easier for new entrants to attract users. “We really want Facebook to have to compete based on the quality of their product,” she said.

88. TODO

89. TODO Reading involves knowing what to skip

90. TODO - Funkwhale and the Importance of Decentralized Podcasting

Really don't want a Facebook of podcasts. Listennotes is a bit like that.

91. TODO - Building Blocks of Decentralization

92. TODO

93. Anbox

run android on linux

94. carbon divestment

95. microrebellion / micropraxis

social account posting micro acts of dissent, revolution and rebellion. Maybe a mastadon bot? Could use book of dissent for some quotes.

96. community technology - karl hess

97. Alan Kay - Quora

98. New breed of local food halls in UK towns offer grub and a hub | Commercial p…

99. nb

command line note taking tool

100. org-babel indentation

101. org mode / syncthing encryption

102. Appropriation of nature (and terminology) by technology

  • e.g. Apple
  • e.g. cloud
  • is there a danger of the left doing it too?
  • is it probably OK as analogy
  • any time we reappropriate
    • what are we hiding or being blind to?

103. TODO Munipal ownership Reasons to be Cheerful with Ed Miliband and Geoff Lloyd: 41. SMOOTH CO-OPERATORS: the power of co-ops to transform society [00:24:50]

104. TODO Benefits of coops Reasons to be Cheerful with Ed Miliband and Geoff Lloyd: 41. SMOOTH CO-OPERATORS: the power of co-ops to transform society [00:32:11]

105. TODO Transition to coop economy Reasons to be Cheerful with Ed Miliband and Geoff Lloyd: 41. SMOOTH CO-OPERATORS: the power of co-ops to transform society [00:36:16]

106. TODO Permanent job losses from Covid-19 are estimated to hit approximately a million by the end of 2022 and about 2m in the next decade

107. TODO the immediate shock of the Covid recession could be offset by employment in low-CO2 sectors

108. TODO Transparency International UK said its analysis indicated “apparent systemic biases in the award of PPE contracts that favoured those with political connections to the party of government in Westminster”, contrary to denials by civil servants and Conservative ministers

109. TODO Wales to launch pilot universal basic income scheme   wikify

110. TODO The Guardian view on taking back the buses: a route to recovery   wikify

111. The Technology and the Society, Raymond Williams

112. TODO Zak ove moko jumbie

113. TODO Ian Cheng emissiaries

114. TODO Betty davis   research

115. Exarchia

116. Hackerfarm, Tokyo

117. Theory of change

118. Transition design

119. Beautiful trouble

120. St Paul principles

121. Autonomists like Negri

122. Mouffe, deliberative democracy or agonistic pluralism

123. Medium of exchange vs store of value

124. M15 indignados

125. TODO

126. TODO

127. - engineers without borders

128. Yabo farmers   research

129. Signlfm podcasts

130. Opportunity tree

131. Assumptions buffet

132. How does freegle image analysis work?

133. Progressive WordPress apps

134. African fractals

135. Second hand market smartphones

136. London renewable power

137. Chile solar power

138. Grenoble and sao Paulo ban advertising

139. Food citizenship

140. Anarchist Cybernetics is a bit weak on issues around cdm and exclusion, raises them but doesn't go in depth

141. Shannon Weaver is good name for protagonist in book

142. An Introduction to Agent-Based Modeling: Modeling Natural, Social, and Engine…




146. Building in the Open. Around the beginning of this year, I… | by Paul Frazee | Jun, 2021 | Medium

147. Saying we demand X should be also saying what do we need to do to get X nunes podcast

148. Tweet from 🌌🌵🛸Bret🏜👨‍👩‍👧🚙 (@bcomnes)

149. TODO Corralling - how do you decide which pages should and shouldn't be included? Maybe everything could be included, but the more people contribute the more the pages have weight?

150. TODO Isn’t it good, Swedish plywood: the miraculous eco-town with a 20-storey wooden skyscraper

151. TODO Britain’s early handling of the coronavirus pandemic was one of the worst public health failures in UK history, with ministers and scientists taking a “fatalistic” approach that exacerbated the death toll, a landmark inquiry has found. “Groupthink”, evidence of British exceptionalism and a deliberately “slow and gradualist” approach meant the UK fared “significantly worse” than other countries, according to the 151-page “Coronavirus: lessons learned to date” report led by two former Conservative ministers

152. TODO TiddlyWiki on Twitter: "A demo of dragging tiddlers from one wiki another on an iPhone running iOS 15" / Twitter

153. TODO "My big issues with ActivityPub is that the protocol is very big and not very easy to decompose."

154. TODO

mikehales - @nicksellen I guess I feel that 'anything goes' openness of exchange is probably not productive, and some moderately sharp focus is called for, to justify infrastructure effort. A contradiction! But there's a difference between a movement organisation and a free market in conversations loosely organised by 'shared values'. Social media can do THAT (at a cost).

OK, maybe something of the vanguardist revolutionary speaking here 🙄 O dear, I better examine my soul @bhaugen @organizingInFedi​

Communities of praxis.

155. TODO Indieweb metaverse

156. TODO MediArXiv Preprints | Admins, Mods, and Benevolent Dictators for Life: The Implicit Feudalism of Online Communities

157. TODO IndieWeb Thoughts: POSSE ⁑ Wesley’s Notebook

158. TODO Our society is troubled. Beware those who blame it all on big tech

I agree with this mostly. Big tech has huge problems, but you can't lay blame for all of societies ills at its door.

159. TODO Isn’t it good, Swedish plywood: the miraculous eco-town with a 20-storey wooden skyscraper

160. TODO Austerity in England linked to more than 50,000 extra deaths in five years

161. TODO

mikehales - @nicksellen I guess I feel that 'anything goes' openness of exchange is probably not productive, and some moderately sharp focus is called for, to justify infrastructure effort. A contradiction! But there's a difference between a movement organisation and a free market in conversations loosely organised by 'shared values'. Social media can do THAT (at a cost).

OK, maybe something of the vanguardist revolutionary speaking here 🙄 O dear, I better examine my soul @bhaugen @organizingInFedi​

Communities of praxis.

162. TODO TiddlyWiki on Twitter: "A demo of dragging tiddlers from one wiki another on an iPhone running iOS 15" / Twitter

163. TODO MediArXiv Preprints | Admins, Mods, and Benevolent Dictators for Life: The Implicit Feudalism of Online Communities

164. TODO IndieWeb Thoughts: POSSE ⁑ Wesley’s Notebook

165. TODO Indieweb metaverse

166. TODO Digital gardening is more like care and maintenance. Less about quickness and performance. Part of a slower Internet

167. TODO " is one of the better NFT-related videos I've seen"

168. TODO Sloan

169. TODO The big idea: Is democracy up to the task of climate change?

170. TODO web 3.0

171. TODO Agora is ultimately a search engine

172. TODO Downtime is fine

173. TODO Coops are market formulation of the commons… Block social disco pod

174. TODO Owen Jones lockdown article

175. TODO UK has run out of tests because you can exit isolation early if testing daily, and people stocking up for new years

176. TODO Non-violent civil disobedience remains a vital tool for protest

177. TODO Magical realism encanto

178. TODO Duka. Eudamonia. Lent

179. TODO Ecological civilisation lent, similar to solar punk?

180. TODO Nollier lent, entangled, the life of trees

181. TODO Wood burners cause nearly half of urban air pollution cancer risk – study

182. TODO Given the high levels of previous Covid infection and vaccination in the UK, most cases of Omicron are expected to be mild: even if antibodies fail to block infection, T cells are expected to hold up fairly well against severe illness

183. TODO At current doubling rates, by New Year’s Day Omicron will be infecting 1 million people per day. PCR testing is a completely pointless exercise,” he said. “The outbreak is doubling quicker than you get a PCR result. It is now a useless tool.”

184. TODO Compost issue 2

We explore how knowledge systems and authentic relationships can be made more accessible with digital infrastructure, while noticing how networked tools never fully reflect the boundless beautiful chaos of those living, breathing ecologies.

185. TODO Compost issue 2

we imagine networks–online and offline–that resist the global internet clock. In this moment of content abundance, exponential time, planned obsolescence, and rapid product life cycles, what is the value of our metadata, our attention, and our capacity to care for one another

186. TODO Meritocracy etymology

187. TODO The Fire These Times: Mangal Media: Solarpunk, Climate Change and the New Thinkable

Really good. Like the cultural references and some discussion of what solarpunk can offer the left. Anarchism is a verb.

188. TODO Maya reply

Contrast IndieWeb and Agora styles of chorus. I also have single website. (Less creative than Maya's.) But like to be part of community of practice. I would see merit in similar to fediverse views. Federated timeline, probably don't look at. Local timeline as new or external user, then my follows develop over time. Cacophony vs chorus. See thoughts on IndieWeb wiki. Canonical page - no. Only the collected subjective views of the group. Maybe try for eventual synthesis, but that's separate from individual voices. Maybe a different metaphor needed - jazz band rather than choir? Fed wiki and fed quota, two possible modes perhaps. Link to type of notes e.g. Andy m. Not about reaching consensus for everyrhing. Not objects at least. Maybe also not for questions. But for some goal directed things then yes. E.g. should agora do this? Come back to timelines equivalents. Use cases. Example: quote toots. I'd like to quickly see views of people I already have some mental model of (not neceassairly agree with) rather than churn through discussion of bunch of randims. Effective altruism. I want to see same again - opinions of people close to me - not bwause I'll nedessairly agree, but I'll know where they're coming from, their subjectivity.

189. TODO

190. TODO Triad of commoning analytical tool

191. TODO How to use these patterns

192. TODO New Book on Commoning – Das Commons-Institut

193. TODO Tweet from Kate Raworth (@KateRaworth)

194. TODO

195. TODO UK must boost recycling of materials for green industries, report says

196. TODO Rio Tinto’s past casts a shadow over Serbia’s hopes of a lithium revolution

197. Low spec gaming


199. TODO Mass population-based vaccination in the UK should now end.   wikify

Guardian article

200. TODO you may see the emergence of a new variant that is less severe, and ultimately, in the long term, what happens is Covid becomes endemic and you have a less severe version. It’s very similar to the common cold that we’ve lived with for many years   wikify

Guardian article

201. TODO The US is “closer to civil war than any of us would like to believe   wikify

202. TODO democracy was an unstoppable, levelling historical trend that would eventually conquer the worl   wikify

Guardian opinion piece

203. TODO SCAMPER idea generator   wikify

204. TODO Design cybernetics

205. TODO Knowledge 'work' should have a purpose, which is not just quantity

206. TODO England’s north-south divide continues to deepen   wikify


207. TODO Can you separate art from artist?   wikify

E.g. Eric Gill.

208. TODO Why have sovereignty over your garden.

209. TODO Sovereignty seems more important for gardens than streams

210. TODO People prefer dystopias they understand to utopias they don't understand

211. TODO Any 'radical game theory'? ABMs of phase shift from capitalism?

212. TODO Solarpunk could inspire people into climate repair etc as cyberpunk inspired others into virtual reality etc

213. TODO The capitalist problem is the environmental problem

214. TODO Reply to thrrad about federated wikis

Use cases. One person learning from peers. Peers collaborating on a shared resource or coordination problem. Any reason that federation best supports these use cases?

Activity streams applies best to recent changes, comments, etc? Humanetech good point about e.g. peertube. In peer tube is content federated or just activity around it?

Then - chorus of voices vs shared editing. Depends on use case i think. There is also a fork and merge model to consider.

Then there is perhaps a technical argument for federation.

215. Here's a mini-demo of how Agora currently works for me.

  • I want to learn about bananas.
  • I navigate to the node
  • Flancian's node says: I like bananas.
  • Vera's node says: Bananas are bullshit.

^ heh I meant to write more here, but didn't finish.

216. Ranking.

  • I feel like ranking is less important the smaller the instances.
  • Each instance is a prefiltered collection of interesting people.
  • You don't need to rank the local, you know them well enough.

217. Namespace collisions.

  • Don't try to fit a particular naming for everything.
  • But do link back to the related topics, so they show in the backlinks.

218. TODO estimates that 1.3 million people, or 2% of the population, are living with long Covid, based on people self-reporting symptoms that last more than a month after a Covid infection

219. TODO households will pay an average of 54% more for energy this year than in 2020   wikify

220. TODO Unlike the UK, its government took action within weeks of energy markets reaching record highs to provide a multibillion-euro package of measures to protect households and small businesses   wikify

221. TODO Tweet from Laurie Voss (@seldo)   wikify

222. TODO Prefer public ownership over nationalisation   wikify

223. TODO Carson Ellis, Miranda july, situationist intl, for creativity prompts

224. This is a dangerous equivalence as we do rely on crypto (and you likely have seen today’s news that the UK government has hired Saatchi to campaign against encryption).

equiv of cryptography and cryptocurrency

225. TODO Cuban revolution eo 2. Spanish empire and us empire fighting over Cuba. And other countries. Sugar cane was huge export. Batista.   wikify

226. TODO Unions don’t call the shots any more – but we’d all be better off if they did   wikify

227. TODO Study finds link between Alzheimer’s and circadian clock   wikify

228. TODO Maggie Appleton posts on spatial software and metaphors of the web, really interesting   wikify

229. TODO Add how should agora federate to open agora questions   wikify

230. TODO How should agora federate? Content like fedwiki, activity like activity pub or IndieWeb   wikify

231. TODO Platform coops - will they ever be governable fully? In that at the bottom of stack will always be a host somewhere else. Unless peer to peer layer can be used.   wikify

232. TODO Techgnosis   wikify

233. TODO Stephen batchekor secular budddhism

234. TODO we are about to learn what it’s like to live in an inflationary economy dominated by corporate interests, such as the fossil fuel companies, which can profit from the crisis without being required by the government to pay windfall taxes that might soften it for their customers   wikify

235. TODO Now the personal financial trade-offs between escapism and realism will be even harder   wikify

236. TODO   wikify

237. TODO Information Technology and Socialist Construction: The End of Capital   wikify

238. TODO Schools in Barcelona move to BBB+Moodle+NextCloud+keycloak - Community / toolstack - The Forum

239. TODO Digital commons in the city. The case of Barcelona – Free Knowledge Institute

240. BCS: Extend the lifespan of smartphones to tackle chip shortages | IT PRO

241. Google Lets You Install Chrome OS On PCs And Macs

242. People don't understand what this level of infection means. Prison for vulnerable and immuno-comprised people, who make up 1/4 of the population.

243. I took my wife’s iPhone into an Apple Centre and a new screen was fitted on site, in minutes… of course, it was probably actually repaired by a techie in a back workshop, and not by the Genius.

That was in fact not a repair, but them copying your wife’s data onto a refurbed device. Jessa Jones explains here The Restart Project Restart Podcast Ep. 65: Saving memories and exposing 'branded' repair with… Apple repairs are subcontracted to other companies in mega workshops.

244. TODO New guidance on political impartiality in the classroom is confusing and likely to scare teachers in England away from tackling important subjects such as climate change and racism, according to education unions   wikify

245. TODO End of isolation is political stunt by Johnson   wikify

246. TODO Hopefully people will continue to observe guidance that is no longer law   wikify

247. TODO   wikify

248. TODO   wikify

249. TODO and openDemocracy has found. There are now 755 all-party parliamentary groups (APPGs) – a number that has ballooned from 560 five years ago. They are chaired by MPs but often run or funded by lobbyists and corporate donors seeking to influence government policy   wikify

250. TODO The Net Zero Scrutiny Group insists it accepts the facts of the climate emergency. But as the cost of living crisis deepens, they see an opportunity to push back against their own Conservative government’s climate agenda, as Helena Horton reports   wikify

251. TODO If Nick Clegg wants to fix Meta, he needs to tackle its problem with human rights   wikify

252. TODO Bitcoin miners revived a dying coal plant – then CO2 emissions soared   wikify

253. TODO Government-financed support in sectors including agriculture, fossil fuels and water is incentivising the annihilation of the natural world   wikify


255. pro-text

256. positive news

257. TODO Knowledge adventure club

258. TODO Is there a Tory playbook like there's foundation of geopolitics for Putin

259. TODO Types of revolution   wikify

Social, industrial, scientific, etc

Social is main one right? Others are supporting.

260. TODO Emergent revolution. Phase transition. Stigmergic?

261. TODO Stigmeegic regolution is too simplistic

At least on my understanding of stigmergy.

However, some inspiration to be taken for sure. Just needs more nuance.

262. TODO Venezuela and Chavez history.   wikify

263. TODO Governable stacks, 4IR, Jackson   wikify

264. TODO Occupy Wall Street 10 Years Later | The Nation   wikify

265. TODO I like cooperatives because they foster democracy   wikify

266. TODO Prague spring

267. TODO Share via

A nation of increasingly lonely, friendless citizens given outlets to find collective, communal fulfillment online will be a nation spawning a range of radical political factions, groups, or movements defined by and drawing the bulk of their cohesion from their loathing of other factions, groups, or movements.

268. TODO Zelenskiy has been constantly on the phone to western leaders, using his Twitter feed to cajole, encourage, scold and praise his allies. In the process, sanctions regarded as unthinkable a week ago have become a moral baseline

269. TODO Putin’s nuclear signalling is designed to deter the US and its allies from further intervention in Ukraine and economic measures that he may see as an existential threat. But escalation can also take on a momentum of its own, and because the margins are so thin – leaders have only a few minutes to make decisions if they believe their countries are under attack – the US and its allies will have to tread extremely carefully in their response

270. TODO Successive generations have experienced what it is like to feel the shadow of nuclear annihilation loom over their daily lives, from the Cuban crisis of 1962, to the missile standoff in Europe in the 1980s. This is shaping up to be our turn

271. TODO It’s difficult for the west to create a de-escalation pathway,” Acton said. “Much presumably depends on how Putin views the domestic consequences of his backing down – something over which the west has no control

272. couple of recommend books on political organising

from NVNH. practical not theory. look kind of america centric though, if that matters. Jane McAlevey, No Shortcuts: Organising for Power in the New Gilded Age Jonathan Matthew Smucker, Hegemony How-To: A Roadmap for Radicals

273. TODO Nunes

Starts off great. Totality in line with my interest. The good faith critique of horizontalism is excellent. Very much like the link to second order cybernetics. Organisation from the inside. A synthesis of horizontal and vertical, I think. Given he jokingly called it networked Leninism once, sounds like perhaps starting from vertical and incorporating horizontal. Whereas e.g. Anarchist Cybernetics does it other way around.

Its political theory not necessarily tactics. That's OK. References some books on tactics - should check those. So I feel this and AC is theory, FFA and JR is tactics.

274. TODO Center for a Stateless Society » The Desktop Regulatory State

275. TODO The State: Theory and Praxis

Chapter 14 seems to agree a lot with nunes

276. TODO Described by the UN secretary general, António Guterres, as “an atlas of human suffering”, it revealed that billions of people now live in parts of the world where they are highly vulnerable to climate change

277. TODO Citizens of liberal democracies owe the people of Ukraine a debt of gratitude; they are at the frontline of the fight for freedom and democracy in the face of authoritarianism, for rights that most of us are complacent about

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Techno-babble explanation: Li-ion batteries have a voltage range in which they operate safely, and this is enforced by the power circuitry. As Li-ions age, their internal resistance grows. When the phone does something processor-intensive, it draws significant current. Pass this current through the increased battery resistance, and you get added heat generation and a substantial voltage drop. This voltage slump trips the power circuitry to cut the battery off in order it to protect it from deep discharge. As a result, your phone shuts off as gracefully as a mirrored cat. It then stops drawing current, which allows the battery voltage to float back up to operating parameters, and the cycle is ready to repeat

279. TODO Share via

Convoluted human analogy: A worn Li-ion battery is like a heart encrusted with cholesterol. If you overexert a cholesterol-laden heart in a burst of physical activity, it may not be able to supply adequate blood flow to your organs, and you could pass out. Likewise, an aging battery can’t circulate electrical current fast enough to keep up with regular phone usage—so it may suddenly shut down

280. TODO Your Smartphone Battery, Explained | iFixit News

281. TODO Anti-fracking campaigners have vowed to give energy firms “no peace” if the government lifts the moratorium on fracking. A month ago fracking was declared effectively dead in Britain after Cuadrilla announced plans to concrete up its Blackpool wells. But after Vladimir Putin’s invasion of Ukraine, and expected shortages of gas, some Conservative MPs and energy lobbyists are touting it as the solution.

282. TODO One solution that might prove more popular is making all public transport free of charge

283. TODO Urban Sensing: Out of the Woods by Dana Cuff, Mark Hansen, Jerry Kang :: SSRN

284. TODO Revolution of dignity

285. TODO Spadework: Spadework Against the Doomsday Clock [00:02:08]

Meaning of spadework, metaphor from civil rights movement

286. TODO Ukraine’s neighbouring countries are still struggling to provide shelter for the estimated 2.6 million who have fled since the Russians invaded last month

287. TODO After opting to become the only country in Europe to introduce a visa regime for the refugees it emerged last Sunday that just 50 visas had been granted in the 10 days since Russia invaded Ukraine. At the same time the EU had given sanctuary to 1.4 million refugees

288. TODO Hunger, and consequent political unrest, affecting poorer countries in the Middle East, Africa and Asia is a growing fear as Ukraine’s and Russia’s wheat, grain and vegetable oil exports are cut off. In Tunisia, symbolic birthplace of the Arab spring revolts, bread prices recently hit an unsustainable 14-year high

289. TODO Emmanuel Macron’s oft-mocked vision of a sovereign Europe that enjoys “strategic autonomy” and its own military and security capabilities independent of the US has been boosted by the war. Rattled EU leaders meeting at last week’s Versailles summit agreed Europe urgently needed to be better able to defend itself.

290. TODO Nato has emerged united and stronger, so far, and there is talk of Finland and Sweden joining (though not Ukraine). But the 30-country, US-led alliance is facing criticism for not doing more to help Kyiv. And the war has revived debate over whether Nato’s eastward enlargement after the Soviet collapse was a blunder that contributed to the current crisis.

291. TODO Europe opened its borders amid an epic outpouring of public support. But the EU’s longstanding lack of an agreed, collective refugee policy, and Britain’s shamefully mean-spirited response, suggest trouble ahead as the numbers grow

292. TODO Xinjiang, home to China’s persecuted Uyghur Muslim minority, is one of many global troublespots whose urgent problems have been eclipsed by Ukraine. Millions of Afghans enduring a winter of hunger and fear under Taliban rule suddenly seem forgotten. The plight of civilians caught up in Ethiopia’s civil war is another glaring blindspot

293. TODO Data Dialogues: 16. Is "more data" the relevant question? [00:05:57]

Handing knowledge out rather than taking knowledge in

294. TODO Data Dialogues: 16. Is "more data" the relevant question? [00:10:51]

Make z sure not just extracting data from a community

295. TODO Ovsyannikova was reportedly arrested shortly after her protest and taken into police custody as a wave of praise and support for her actions spread online. She could face prison time under Russian legislation that criminalises speaking out about the invasion of Ukraine.

296. TODO Insurrectionary Uprisings: A Reader in Revolutionary Nonviolence and Decolonization - Daraja Press

297. Software for counterpower

298. TODO the US and China will meet amid concern that Beijing could supply arms to Putin’s war machine

299. TODO growing numbers of new infections in multiple countries led one expert to prompt speculation that Europe could be at the start of a sixth wave of Covid infections, partly driven by the “stealth” BA.2 Omicron variant

300. TODO The neo-Nazi concern almost certainly stems from the reputation of some of the volunteer brigades who fought the separatists in the 2014 war, such as the Azov battalion, which had far-right affiliations. These have since been folded into the Ukrainian national guard.

301. TODO “It’s an awkward position for the west,” said Ries. “It is true that the US and Nato have used force when they felt they needed to. Sometimes it was justified, as in the Balkans in 1995, but sometimes it very dodgy like in Iraq. From the Russian perspective, I can see how they can make that argument.”

302. TODO Of course, two wrongs don’t make a right. And while there are similarities between Iraq and Ukraine – invasion of sovereign territory, spurious justification, large scale civilian death, no clear plan for endgame – there are differences too. “Volodymyr Zelenskiy is a democratically elected leader, who has not committed human rights abuses,” Bakke said

303. TODO The case for radical change has been well made and is widely accepted, but the Home Office and home secretary are incapable of delivering it

304. TODO The US president, Joe Biden, will warn his Chinese counterpart, Xi Jinping, that he will face “costs” if Beijing rescues fellow authoritarian ally Russia from intense western sanctions aimed at punishing Moscow’s invasion of Ukraine.

305. TODO The Next System Podcast: Ep. 17: Social Transformation Through ‘The Commons’ (W/ David Bollier) [00:17:34]

The commons is about encouraging use value by social need

306. TODO Red plenty. A contrast of worlds. Bit without certainty which is better. Ambiguous. Bit like dispossessed.

307. TODO Syrians join Russian ranks in Ukraine as Putin calls in Assad’s debt

308. TODO But to frame our condemnations as a binary clash of rival value systems is to absolve ourselves of our own alleged war crimes, committed as recently as this century in Iraq and Afghanistan. It is to pretend “our” wars are just and only theirs are evil, to make out that Afghan boys seeking asylum from the Taliban are inevitably liars and cheats while Ukrainian kids fleeing Russian bombs are genuine refugees.

309. TODO The US and the UK funded, staffed and applauded the programmes meant to “transform” the country’s economy, but which actually handed over the assets of an industrialised and commodity-rich country to a few dozen men with close connections to the Kremlin

310. TODO Today, Boris Johnson claims Mohammed bin Salman is a valued friend and partner to the UK, and sells him arms to kill Yemenis and pretends not to notice those he has executed

311. TODO Energy and food bills are biggest proportion of poor peoples costs

312. TODO David Bollier and John Thackara

313. TODO How do we solve a problem like Putin?

314. TODO Could Ukraine war help end west’s reliance on hydrocarbons?

315. TODO P&O Ferries’ summary sacking of 800 workers in a pre-recorded Teams message so they could be replaced within hours by agency workers at allegedly half the cost offended all three

316. TODO P&O Ferries’ summary sacking of 800 workers in a pre-recorded Teams message so they could be replaced within hours by agency workers at allegedly half the cost offended all three

317. TODO Could Ukraine war help end west’s reliance on hydrocarbons?

318. TODO How do we solve a problem like Putin?

319. TODO The UN said 3,389,044 Ukrainians had left the country since Russia’s invasion began on 24 February, 90% of them women and children.   wikify

320. TODO Fracking would have no impact on uk fuel bills

Fracking is also deeply unpopular with the public and given that any shale gas extracted would have to be sold at international market prices, it would have no impact on UK fuel bills

321. TODO Ghana music Joe meah   wikify

322. TODO Slingsby t21

323. TODO Slingsby swallow

324. TODO Share via

Interestingly, the part of the brain involved in thinking about the future is also associated with recollecting the past; this area is called the hippocampus, a seahorse-shaped portion deep in the brain’s temporal lobe that plays an essential role in consolidating the details of our experiences, including places, people, objects, and actions. The hippocampus is involved with precisely reconstructing historical events and building frameworks for potential events in the future.

325. TODO Share via

creativity is not really about building something new out of thin air. It’s about using your past experiences, connecting the dots to visualize the future, and letting your mind wander so you can experience more eureka moments. Maintaining a more creative brain requires building a few habits to tap into the three key aspects of the brain-creativity relationship: memory, imagination, and mind wandering.

326. TODO We’re keeping events hybrid: will you do the same? / mySociety

327. TODO Civic Tech Surgery #3 – TICTeC

328. TODO Why are we burning our recycling? – video

329. TODO Read: A tale of two datasets — Data Orchard   read

330. TODO How to take a thing apart without breaking it too much | by Stefan | Apr, 202…   read

331. TODO What Next Summit - Transition Bounce forward   read

332. TODO Look at UNU-KEYs product categories

333. TODO Recent polls have shown a dramatic U-turn in public opinion in Finland, with the majority now favouring joining Nato after the invasion of Ukraine.

334. TODO Less is more Jason hixkel

335. TODO Socialism is the path from capitalism to communism

336. TODO “It's time to end the model of ‘take, make, break, and throw away' that is so…

337. TODO both sides are girding for a trial of strength in Donbas after Russia was forced to abandon its attempt to capture Kyiv

338. TODO Russia’s current military activity appears to back up what are in effect reduced war aims: targeting the entire Donetsk and Luhansk oblasts claimed by the so-called separatist republics

339. TODO Plans to ditch Boris Johnson as Tory leader and prime minister “sooner rather than later”, without waiting for a clear and obvious successor to emerge, are being advanced by a growing number of senior Conservatives.

340. TODO Nearly 5.2 million people have fled Ukraine due to the war

341. TODO Russian forces will likely increase the scale of ground offensive operations in the coming days

342. TODO The awful truth is dawning: Putin may win in Ukraine. The result would be catastrophe Simon Tisdall A Russian victory would herald a new age of instability, economic fragmentation, hunger for millions and social unrest

343. TODO General Intellect Unit: 087 - Designs for the Pluriverse, Part 1 Starting from: 00:00:00 Episode webpage: Media file:

Designing your apps to manage your personal life as part of everyday design we all have to do

344. TODO In fact, both Goldman Sachs and the noted astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson have predicted that the world’s first trillionaire will be the person who figures out how to harness and exploit natural resources on asteroids.

345. TODO Social Media and Capitalism: People, Communities and Commodities - Daraja Press

346. TODO Nasa has identified over 12,000 asteroids within 45m kilometers of Earth that contain iron ore, nickel, precious metals and other minerals. Just a single 3,000ft asteroid may contain platinum worth over $5tn. Another asteroid’s rare earth metals could be worth more than $20tn alone. According to the Silicon Valley entrepreneur Peter Diamandis, “There are twenty-trillion-dollar checks up there, waiting to be cashed!”

347. TODO A Day in the Life 2035 - Regen   read

348. TODO England's tallest onshore wind turbine to power 3,000 homes by 2023 | Busines…   read

349. Net Zero Check twitter bot

350. TODO Rentals of iPhones Might Improve Device Longevity - Bloomberg

351. TODO

352. TODO

353. TODO   read

354. TODO Microsoft and right to repair

355. TODO When decolonization meets post-capitalism: the third annual post-capitalism c…   read

356. TODO When decolonization meets post-capitalism: the third annual post-capitalism c…   read

357. TODO Reports - Big Repair Project   read

358. TODO Could Anglesey’s tidal energy project drive a new energy revolution? | Renewa…   read

359. TODO ‘What we now know … they lied’: how big oil companies betrayed us all | Docum…   read


361. Unpacking the Myth of Web3: Decentralization of What? by Alice Yuan Zhang

362. 'Conservation is no longer enough': The Wildlife Trusts plots major nature re…

363. Decarbonization as a Service

364. TODO

365. TODO

366. TODO


368. TODO

369. TODO

370. TODO

371. TODO Eco-tourist visits all Wainwrights by public transport | The Westmorland Gazette

372. Focus on municipal technology (not just municipal social media)

373. How can municipalism approach climate and technology?

374. How can I be involved in climate and technology in my local area?

375. Charity Digital - Topics - Data is the new plastic

376. Understand how your council works: Types of council - GOV.UK

377. ‘Record after record’: Brazil’s Amazon deforestation hits April high, nearly …

378. Environment tipping points fast approaching in UK, says watchdog | Green poli…

379. Session#5 discussion - commons.hour - The Forum - Regionalising and infrastructuring the coop economy - A federated vision for digital infrastructure

380. Ciska Ulug (@ciskarae): "Join us May 24 15:30-17:00 for a hybrid transdiscipl…

381. Feminist Futures Programme (@femfutprog): ""We must not limit ourselves to th…

382. James Muldoon (@jamesmuldoon_): "Was asked in a NEF podcast whether we shoul…

383. MANCEPT | Digital Democracy: Governance and Resistance in a Digital Era - MAN…

384. Schumacher Center for a New Economics (@Center4NewEcon): "Kees Klomp intervie…

385. Demos (@Demos): "Join us on May 25th for the presentation of @jamesmuldoon_&…

386. TODO Revealed: the ‘carbon bombs’ set to trigger catastrophic climate breakdown

387. TODO Citizens’ Assemblies Can Help Repair Dysfunctional Democracies

388. TODO More than 2 million adults in the UK have gone without food for a whole day over the past month because they cannot afford to eat

389. TODO the majority of people infected with Covid-19 are now at a marginally lower risk of dying than people who catch the seasonal flu

390. TODO Effective altruism: the movement that helps people give away their salary - Positive News

391. TODO Understanding the Digital Services Act | Revue

392. TODO Address pollution

393. TODO Nathan Schneider (@ntnsndr): "I have been seeing some pretty disturbing conflations between @exittocommunity and the Elon Twitter buyout, between democracy and absolutism. Case in point, @balajis:" | nitter

394. TODO 10% of budget on fuel means fuel stress

395. TODO UN says up to 40% of world’s land now degraded

396. TODO The really crucial thing to understand about the cost of living crisis is this: its biggest impacts are on the worst off. Even if the impacts were evenly spread, the poorest would obviously feel them most – but this time “it’s particularly severe because lower income households spend more of their income on energy,” Richard said.

397. TODO “The most powerful way of targeting people who need it is the benefits system.”

398. TODO UK: Dark day for civil liberties as 'deeply-authoritarian' Policing Bill passed by Lords | Amnesty International UK

399. TODO Arctic shipping lanes

400. TODO Change is now: Support for civil resistance is growing - Extinction Rebellion UK

401. TODO Cumbria coal mine: What is the controversy about? - BBC News

402. TODO A win for Macron will not be a complete defeat for France’s far right

403. ‘Cash, coal, cars and trees’: what progress has been made since Cop26? | Cop2…

404. The Potential for Green Jobs in Cumbria - CAfS

405. Sustainable Carlisle (@suscarlisle): "🌎Pushing for more local action to addre…

406. National Device Bank - Good Things Foundation

407. TODO Hayekian markets have lots of similarities to complex systems / agent based modelling? How to resolve. Perhaps Commoning.

408. Peter Kalmus: ‘As a species, we’re on autopilot, not making the right decisio…

409. Apocalypse now? The alarming effects of the global food crisis | World news |…

410. A shorter workweek may increase worker productivity — but that’s not why we n…

411. What would happen if all vacant public spaces in UK became mini farms? - Posi…

412. Reports have already emerged of elderly people riding the bus all day, or staying in library, just to keep warm without turning on the heating. – the cortado newsletter

413. The Cortado would like to offer Sunak our sincere congratulations on being the first frontbench politician to make it onto The Sunday Times’ Rich List, sharing a £730 million fortune with his wife Akshata Murty. – the cortado newsletter

414. Revealed: the ‘carbon bombs’ set to trigger catastrophic climate breakdown | …

415. Poisoned legacy: why the future of power can’t be nuclear | Science and natur…

416. Joy for environmentalists as California blocks bid for $1.4bn desalination pl…

417. ‘It’s a bribe’: the coastal areas that could become the UK’s nuclear dump | N…

418. The banks collapsed in 2008 – and our food system is about to do the same | G…

419. ‘Without it, I might be dead’: the garden that saves lives - Positive News - …

420. Cost of living crisis: six creative ways communities are responding - Positiv…









429. media%2FFULlgg0XEAIATm5.jpg%3Fname%3Dorig


431. Book Writing inside of Emacs

432. TODO Future Histories: S01E31 - Daniel E. Saros on Digital Socialism and the Abolition of Capital (Part 1) Starting from: 00:33:27 Episode webpage: Media file:

Market socialism appears as the best of both worlds - freedom of individual choice, but avoising calital accunulation, etc. But without central planning. Not necessarily the case though

433. TODO Criminal acts of violence at GP surgeries across the UK have almost doubled in five years, new figures reveal, as doctors’ leaders warn of a perfect storm of soaring demand and staff shortages

434. TODO This gap in recruitment in the UK is, of course, exacerbated by Brexit. “The aviation industry traditionally hires a lot of people from Europe,” Paul Charles, CEO of travel PR firm the PC Agency tells me. “But that talent pool has shrunk, because access to the UK has been tightened and there are fewer Europeans who want to work here. And increasing inflation rates means that it costs more to hire people too, the industry is in competition in a squeezed labour market

435. TODO What used to be the planning is incorporated in the accounting as the limits of what you can do

436. TODO Bills are mounting, wages are falling in real terms and inflation has hit a 40-year high

437. TODO I think we would still be waiting, but for the fact they wanted to knock the Sue Gray report off the headlines tomorrow

438. TODO REA for household ERP

439. Solar Microgrids Are Keeping Ukraine’s Hospitals Running

440. The English city using community energy to drive positive change - Positive News

441. Work less, live more: 10 arguments for a shorter working week - Positive News

442. The UK is poised to get its first community-run shopping centre - Positive News

443. What went right: a ‘conservation success story’, plus more positive news - Po…

444. What you said about smart meters - CAfS

445. Eco-Socialism: Economics For The Climate Crisis

446. TODO You can preserve the Earth's livability with open source - Open Sustainable Technology

447. Thousands of UK workers begin world’s biggest trial of four-day week | Produc…

448. TODO The Guardian view on a four-day week: policies needed to make it a reality

449. What went right this week: the future of work, plus more positive news - Posi…

450. Saving the high street: 10 quickfire solutions for the UK and beyond - Positi…

451. The Library of Things: coming to a town near you - Positive News - Positive News

452. Britain’s first wetland ‘super reserve’ – and why it’s so significant - Posit…

453. The English city using community energy to drive positive change - Positive News

454. TODO Is the Prime Directive and some of The Culture Contact stuff related to digital inclusion and paternalism?

455. TODO It’s been sold with this disingenuous claim that it’s about parliamentary sovereignty, but the truth is it’s about sidelining judicial and parliamentary scrutiny in favour of the executive being allowed to do what they want.”

456. TODO A World to Win with Grace Blakeley: Half-Earth Socialism w/ Troy Vettese and Drew Pendergrass Starting from: 00:35:14 Episode webpage: Media file:

Planning is not synonymous with socialism. You can have socialist planning

457. TODO A World to Win with Grace Blakeley: Half-Earth Socialism w/ Troy Vettese and Drew Pendergrass Starting from: 00:36:15 Episode webpage: Media file:

Lucas Plan as an attempt at democratic, not top down planning?

458. TODO Software Freedom Podcast: SFP#15: All about Upcycling Android Starting from: 00:18:34 Episode webpage: Media file:

Difference between custom ROM and alternative OS. Custom ROM means basically a slightly customised version of Android. As opposed to alternative OS which would be basically gnu/Linux from scratch for the mobile.

459. Under Britain’s first-past-the-post electoral system a vote split between Labour, the Lib Dems, the SNP and the Greens has meant long periods of Tory hegemony.

460. TODO Sea level rise in England will force 200,000 to abandon homes, data shows

461. TODO Profiteering bosses, not workers, are pushing up inflation

462. TODO Plans to put Cumbria at the forefront of UK's climate battle | News and Star

463. TODO CAfS carbon footprint calculators - CAfS


465. human rights

Sharing this as I missed the extent of the update on the consultation - key sentences I've seen include… 'restore common sense to the application of human rights in the UK' (common sense is subjective) 'make sure our common law traditions and Parliamentary sovereignty are respected' (ie. not questioned?) 'restrain the ability of the UK courts to use human rights law to impose ‘positive obligations’ onto our public authorities without proper democratic oversight' ('positive obligations are, broadly speaking, obligations "to do something" to ensure respect and protection of human rights.' according to the United Nations Office for Drugs and Crime) 'We want to protect our armed forces from human rights claims for actions taking place overseas' 'Equally, our system must strike the proper balance of rights and responsibilities, individual liberty and the public interest, rigorous judicial interpretation, and respect for the authority of elected law-makers.' (Whose interests will be considered as essential to individual liberty?) 'We examine problematic areas, including the challenges in deporting foreign national offenders.'

466. TODO The average British household is £8,800 a year worse off than those in France or Germany, according to a report by the Resolution Foundation. It also found that Britain’s income inequality is higher than all other large European countries.

467. Cost of living crisis: six creative ways communities are responding - Positiv…

468. What went right this week: Spain’s free trains, plus more positive news - Pos…

  • free train travel

469. Spain announces free rail journeys from September until the end of the year |…

470. Intersections of Digital Rights and Environmental and Climate Justice / Ford …

471. Solar Protocol Hackathon Tickets, Sat, Aug 13, 2022 at 10:00 AM | Eventbrite

472. TODO Johnson has achieved very little,” Fiona said. “But nobody else in the higher echelons of the Conservative party gives a stuff. He was the only champion green Tories had

473. TODO The oil and gas industry has made £2.3bn a day in profit for the last 50 years, new analysis has found. The analysis, of World Bank data, finds that petrostates and fossil fuel companies have made a total of $52tn since 1970.

474. TODO Postcards from a 40C future: what extreme heat means for the UK

475. TODO What Is the Water Cycle? | NASA Climate Kids

476. TODO Centrica reports operating profits of $1.34bn for first half of year despite facing ‘most challenging energy crisis in living memory’

477. TODO New Zealand’s government has argued that the climate crisis is of “insufficient weight” to stop it issuing oil and gas exploration permits – despite declaring a climate emergency and committing to eliminate offshore exploration.

478. The Stack as an Integrative Model of Global Capitalism | tripleC: Communicati…


480. TODO Rod Oram: 'If everybody ate the average NZer’s diet we'd need another planet to sustain us' | Newsroom

481. TODO Read Repair Cafe wikipedia article (mentions Commoning and conviviality)

482. TODO

Communities? Post is interesting

483. TODO Find monbiot quote on 'when alternative becomes possible, status quo becomes indefensible', he calls it techno-ethical gap

484. TODO Hunger will be the “single biggest challenge” schools face as children return to classrooms in the coming weeks, sparking calls for the government to introduce universal free school meals to help tackle the crisis

485. TODO Workers have been walking out to take less stressful, better-paid jobs in supermarkets, hospitality, hairdressing and factory work, care managers report. Low pay worsened by high inflation and burnout are among the most common reasons given for quitting.

486. TODO It comes as the latest forecasts from the energy consultants Auxilione suggested energy prices could go above £6,000 a year for the average household next year, and Ofgem, the regulator, is expected to lift the price cap from £1,971 to £3,576 this week.

487. TODO The science is clear: animal-based foods account for 57% of agricultural greenhouse gases versus 29% for food from plants.

488. The revolution will be podcast


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