The Quantum Thief


I absolutely loved this book. So full of ideas and vivid imagery.

Can't remember when I first read it, 2017 sometime I think.

Mum recommended it to me.


Sending brain-to-brain messages directly through a quantum teleportation channel seems like a dirty, invasive way to communicate compared to Oubliette co-remembering. The latter is much more subtle: embedding messages in the recipient’s exomemory so that information is recalled rather than received.

The Quantum Thief

Garden vs stream?

Gevulot. Of course. I am an idiot. There is a boundary in her memories, between those which are local and exo

The Watch is meaningless on its own, without the public keys – gevulot – inside the brain

They also do something called co-remembering, sharing memories with others just by sharing the appropriate key with them

1. [2021-12-15 Wed]

Reading this again. Just as good as last time.

For example - it starts in a prison that puts the inmates through the iterated prisoner's dilemma, until they learn to cooperate. (Dilemma Prison)

I still really like all the exomemory, gevulot stuff. And the notion of Time as a currency.

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