The policing bill increases the risk of peaceful demonstrators being criminalised


The Policing bill increases the risk of peaceful demonstrators being criminalised.

Restrictions on protests in the controversial new policing bill breach human rights laws and will increase the risk of peaceful demonstrators in England and Wales being criminalised, MPs and peers have warned.

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The bill includes powers for the home secretary to ban marches and demonstrations that might be “seriously disruptive” or too noisy; a criminal offence of obstructing infrastructure such as roads, railways, airports, oil refineries and printing presses; jail sentences for attaching or locking on to someone or something; bans on named individuals from demonstrating or going on the internet to encourage others; police stop-and-search powers to look for protest-related items; and up to 10 years’ prison for damaging memorials or statues

Thursday briefing: ‘A man without shame’ | | The Guardian

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