The Future of Digital Cooperatives


A webinar by Common Wealth.

Recording here: The Future of Digital Co-ops: How policy can help scale the sector - YouTube

1 Misc Notes

Some things needed that would help grow coops, digital ones in particular:

  • Public procurement via coops
  • Policy to support the growth of co-ops
    • its skewed towards setting up traditional businesses right now
  • Education to promote coop model
    • you don't learn about coops in business school
  • Political will
    • someone in power needs to care about and support coops
  • Relationship between coops and unions
    • a bit strained at times
    • unions come at the problem from below
    • politicians come at the problem from above
    • cooperatives come at the problem from below
  • Federation and internationalisation will help
    • Resource sharing between coops around the world

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