The computer built to last 50 years

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Introduces the Forever Computer.

I liked this. I like the ideas around durable hardware and also the offline computing stull. Perhaps a bit too keyboard coursed for me (given how I'm enjoying handwriting with a stylus lately) but I appreciated the use of e- ink In general though, yes - all in favour of something that aims to drastically expand the lifespan of our digital technologies.

When you are online, your brain knows that something might be happening, even without notification. There might be a new email waiting for you. A new something on a random website. It’s there, right on your computer. Just move the current window out of the way and you may have something that you are craving: newness. You don’t have to think. As soon as you hit some hard thought, your fingers will probably spontaneously find a diversion

In some rural areas of the planet where broadbands are not easily available, such Delay Tolerant Networks (DTNs) are already working and extensively used, including to browse the web.

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