Thai green curry


1 aubergine: aubergine

1 red chilli: red chilli

1 lime: lime

15g fresh root ginger: Ginger (100%) Keep the Ginger chilled.

1 bag of roasted peanuts (25g): roasted peanut 96%, rapeseed oil. May contain sesame & nuts

80g sugar snap peas: sugar snap peas

80g Tenderstem broccoli: tenderstem broccoli(100%)

Dried kaffir lime leaves: dried kaffir lime leaves

1 Thai green curry paste sachet (40g): garlic puree (32%), green chilli puree (23%), white onion puree (13%), lemongrass puree (13%), galangal, salt, lime leaves, coriander, rapeseed oil, water, citric acid, fennel, xantham gum, cayenne, spinach extract, potassium sorbate

25g solid coconut cream: 100% coconut

130g basmati rice: Basmati white rice

Vegetable stock mix sachet (11g): Dried glucose syrup, yeast extracts, salt, sugar, onion powder, carrot juice powder, tomato powder, rapeseed oil, herb (lovage), natural flavouring

1 Elsewhere in the garden

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