socially useful production

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Ideas about labour process, skill, design and technology were at the heart of the movement for socially useful production. The movement sought a more democratic human relationship with technology that furnished tools for people to become architects in a deliberated societal vision, rather than perpetuating a situation where humans became scientifically managed bees tending machines in the service of capital

Technology Networks for Socially Useful Production

to present a vision of an alternative paradigm that prefigured a different role for technology in society … To do this it is necessary to produce both a critique of the current shape and aims of existing technologies together with examples of alternatives that could lead to social and technological change

Technology Networks for Socially Useful Production

Aspirations for socially useful production permitted alliances between workers and the new social movements for peace, environment, community activism and women.

Technology Networks for Socially Useful Production

Seems relevant for Just transition and climate justice.

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