Socialism: Utopian and Scientific


Friedrich Engels.

A critique of utopian socialism in favour of scientific socialism.

In Socialism: Utopian and Scientific, Engels saw the emergence of 19th-century utopian socialism, signalled by the work of Saint-Simon, Fourier and Owen, as a reaction to the defeated aspirations of the French Revolution.

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Industrial production was barely developed, and the proletariat, wrote Engels, appeared to these radicals as ‘incapable of independent political action’ – ‘an oppressed, suffering order’ which required help from outside.

Mish-Mash Ecologism

In these conditions, the utopian socialists attempted in idealist fashion to evolve the solution to social problems ‘out of the human brain'

Mish-Mash Ecologism

Engels argued that ‘scientific’ – that is, self-critical, rigorously conceptualized and empirically tested – socialism must be rooted in an investigation of historical development: ‘the process of evolution of humanity.’

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