Social ecology

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  • Murray Bookchin
  • "The root causes of environmental problems are such as trade for profit, industrial expansion, and the identification of "progress" with corporate self-interest."
  • "The domination of nature by man stems from the very real domination of human by human"
  • "Social ecologists believe that things like racism, sexism, third world exploitation are a product of the same mechanisms that cause rainforest devastation"
  • Institute for Social Ecology

social ecology maintains that an ecologically oriented society can be progressive rather than regressive, placing a strong emphasis not on primitivism, austerity, and denial but on material pleasure and ease.

The Communalist Project

Social ecology is an ecology not of hunger and material deprivation but of plenty; it seeks the creation of a rational society in which waste, indeed excess, will be controlled by a new system of values; and when or if shortages arise as a result of irrational behavior, popular assemblies will establish rational standards of consumption by democratic processes.

The Communalist Project

In short, social ecology favors management, plans, and regulations formulated democratically by popular assemblies, not freewheeling forms of behavior that have their origin in individual eccentricities.

The Communalist Project

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