Setting up YunoHost


Notes on setting up YunoHost.

1. Installation

Run install script on your new server.

1.1. Post-installation

1.1.1. SSH

Removes SSH root access during installation which is good. However doesn't give much more info about logging in as admin. That should be key-based only as well, no? Out-of-the-box it remains password-based.

I changed it be key-based by copying the key over with ssh-copy-id.

If you remove root login via SSH, you should set a root password so that you can log in as root via the virtual KVM. (Hetzner is handy in that it lets you do this at any time without needing a reboot.)

1.1.2. Security

I think they could do more to encourage good security practices. "You are now about to define a new admin password. The password should be at least 8 characters - though it is good practice to use longer password (i.e. a passphrase) and/or to use various kind of characters (uppercase, lowercase, digits and special characters)."

1.1.3. DNS

Had to look up how to add a SRV record correctly - luckily iwantmyname has it in knowledge base

Still not quite sure if I've done them all right. Not too fussed about xmpp so it doesn't matter.

1.1.4. TLS

Go to Domains / <domain> / Manage SSL Certificate to install via Let's Encrypt.

1.1.5. Reverse DNS

Need to do reverse dns and don't know how.

1.1.6. Misc

lastname must be a valid lastname??? I got this validation error when creating a user and using just my initial. Surely you should be able to go anon if you want to.

1.1.7. LDAP

Seem to be having trouble with LDAP and baikal.

1.2. Apps

1.2.1. syncthing

syncthing seems to work pretty easily (although ynh doesn't give you the big warning about changing the admin password like cloudron does.)

1.2.2. anarchism docs

easy one :)


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