I support the Kurds in Rojava who are building an egalitarian society in dire circumstances.

It is based on communialism and social ecology.

People around the world have been enormously inspired by the achievements of the Kurdish-led movement in Rojava, in particular, the gains in women’s liberation, LGBTQ liberation struggles, experiments in direct democracy and campaigns for ecological justice. – Solidarity against the Turkish invasion

0.1 Turkish occupation

If Turkey occupies Northern Syria, the social progress made in the region, including advances in women’s liberation and popular self-government, would be destroyed. We have already seen Turkey and the Islamist militias it backs reverse these gains in Afrin.

Turkey’s War on Rojava

0.2 Critiques

This is notwithstanding criticisms of the ways in which the Kurdish PYD-YPG has suppressed other political groups among Syrian Kurds, making seemingly limited attempts at meaningful power-sharing in Arab-majority territory under its control, and its record of collaboration with both US and Russian military imperialism in Syria.

Solidarity against the Turkish invasion

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