Revolutionary Leftism with Breht O'Shea


Breht O'Shea on the left in general, but Leninism and a bit of Maoism in particular.

  • ~00:17:17 Leninism is very much focused on the 'how' of revolution.
  • Breht says something like - once you've realised capitalism is harmful; once you've realised that socialism is a better alternative; you might start thinking, how do we actually get socialism in place? You'll pretty quickly then get to Leninism.
  • Discusses Maoism. Great Leap Forward, Cultural Revolution. O'Shea suggests that portrayals of Mao as a genocidal leader are fallacious. Definitely (huge) mistakes were made, but not as a deliberate program of terror.
  • And Stalinism. Says sort of similar as above. That Stalin was not simply a cartoon monster, and that a lot of what is said about him is propaganda. But that he also oversaw many terrible things. My gut finds O'Shea too sympathetic but hey I don't know the history well, so maybe I have just been propagandised.
  • ~01:06:51 The importance of theory, the important of organising, the need for both.
  • ~01:09:11 Is economics a science? Crudely, historical materialism is the 'science' of Marxism. Dialectical materialism is the philosophy.
  • ~01:21:09 Capitalism and fascism.
  • ~01:42:33 Your projects need to be situated in a bigger movement. Class consciousness etc.
  • ~01:45:54 Recommends Socialism: Utopian and Scientific, The State and Revolution and The Wretched of the Earth.

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