Revolution in the twenty-first century

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Revolution in the 21st century.

You might take it as a factual list of revolutions that have already happened: 21st-century revolutions. There have been plenty of revolutionary waves already.

You might look forwards and take it as the intent to inspire a world revolution beyond capitalism.

You may find articles related to Occupy, the Arab spring, etc. Also the aftermath e.g. Arab Winter.

1. What kind of revolution?

First off. What do we mean by revolution. There's various types. I'm a socialist so Revolutionary socialism is my thing. End of capitalism, onset of socialism is the end goal, and revolution is the means, as opposed to e.g. gradual reform.

That said, a revolution doesn't happen over night, so you have to plant the seeds.

2. How?

I have anarchist tendencies so favour socialism from below rather than socialism from above. Though I recognise the need for organisation for any lasting revolution so wish for a synthesis of horizontalism and verticalism.

In the 21st century it seems inevitable that the revolution will be networked one way or another.

Educate, agitate, organise. Educate - read and disseminate. Agitate - ? Organise - participate in networks, out of this form communities of praxis.

I believe in prefiguration, so enact the parts of the future you want to see today. Also works for network building.

Join and support cooperatives. Participate in Mutual aid and Self-governance. Form affinity groups. Become a commoner. Do all of these both locally and globally. Be part of the catalyst group for the emergent revolution.

3. When?

My starting bet for socialism to be solidly the prevalent structure worldwide is: 2099

However "the revolution is continuous" – vera

so continuous revolution and revolutionary waves along the way to that point. intensive revolutions leading to extensive revolution.

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