the institutional transformation of society by society

Common: On Revolution in the 21st Century

I'm on board for a social revolution in the 21st century. My revolutionary flavour of choice is revolutionary socialism. I am desiring of a revolution that leads to an ecological civilization.

How to get from here to there?

revolution never occurs just through the behaviour of a particular group, however big or small. It happens because masses of people, many of whom have never considered the matter before, demand change and put themselves at the centre of political events

Revolution in the 21st century - Chris Harman

Hopefully (naively?), I hope that prefiguration, education, agitation, and organisation (educate, agitate, organise) may lead us to a social tipping point that tips us towards harmony. With revolution there is always the thorny question of violence and struggle. Unlike in To Posterity, I hope that we who wish to lay the foundations of kindness, can ourselves be kind.

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