Repairing an Acer Aspire One 753 with no power


Owner reports that it was working fairly recently, but all of a sudden fails to power on.

No signs of life at all. No LEDs lit when connected to charger.

1. Things tried

1.1. Power reset

Tried simple power reset / static discharge (disconnect power, remove battery, hold on button for over 30 seconds, reconnect battery and power).

1.2. Charge overnight

Try charging for a long time in case it's a discharged battery.

A laptop with a battery discharged to its bare minimum may not power on even when connected to power. This is a built-in protection to prevent further battery discharge of a battery already at its minimum.

That said, it doesn't work with the battery removed, either.

1.3. Remove/reseat components

1.4. Check the charger

Doesn't look like it's Acer branded, but it has the correct output rating - 19.5V / 2.15A.

It's rated 19.5V. Using a multimeter, it's got a reading of 19.37/8, kind of fluctuates between the two.

1.5. Check continuity to battery pins

1.6. Check power jack connection to motherboard

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