Reclaiming the stacks: reading


Reading books and other things on ereaders.

Also consider: reading paper books.

1. Software/platforms

1.1. Support/build

1.2. Appropriate/resist

1.3. Avoid/regulate

  • anything Amazon-related

2. Hardware

2.1. Support/build

  • there's some open-source readers like the Open Book, but they don't have much functionality

2.2. Appropriate/resist

  • koreader installed on a second hand Kobo
    • better than a Kindle
  • hacking firmware of big tech ereaders

2.3. Avoid/regulate

  • new ebook readers from big companies

3. Labour / supply chains

4. Energy

  • How much energy in the construction of an ebook reader?
  • How much energy in the production of epubs?
  • How much energy in the running of the various platforms/computers involved?

5. Elsewhere

5.1. In my garden

Notes that link to this note (AKA backlinks).

5.3. Mentions

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