Reclaim the Stacks: October 2023 roundup


I've been reading The Internet Con by Cory Doctorow. The strapline is Seize the means of computation, which is very Reclaim the Stacks adjacent.

This is a book for people who want to destroy Big Tech

Doctorow's main weapon for this destruction is interoperability. There's three types: voluntary interoperability (often achieved through standards), indifferent interoperability (not because anyone particular cares, but because they don't care enough to block it), and adversarial interoperability (the guerilla warfare of interoperability, AKA competitive compatibility).

I'm all in for adversarial interoperability. But as discussed in The Material Power That Rules Computation (ft. Cory Doctorow), the technology to build competitive compatibility is one thing - coming up against the laws that have been built to protect intellectual property is another. (We should phase out intellectual property).

Degrowth is a big part of (some flavours of) ecosocialism. Therefore, digital degrowth might also be a part of digital ecosocialism.

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