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1. Recent Changes

2. Putting together the EIGHT Electro Synth

3. Pinecil

4. Doughnut Economics

5. Some books I've read

6. The Internet Con

7. adversarial interoperability

8. Freeing Ourselves From The Clutches Of Big Tech

9. Circular economy

10. linear economy

11. Degrowth, green energy, social equity, and circular economy

12. The economics of the coming spaceship earth

13. Neither Vertical Nor Horizontal

14. a pattern language for political organisation

15. The Radical Imagination in Reactionary Times

16. New Books in Critical Theory

17. systems theory in political science

18. Resource mobilisation theory

19. Repertoires of contention

20. pluralism

21. social movement theory

22. Well-connected

23. Adding a list of nodes in my garden that are well-connected

24. Tracks that I have liked at some point in my life, in no particular order

25. The Santiago Boys

26. track

27. Proem

28. She Never Cries

29. Hurrah Sapphire Moon!

30. Work Log: 2023-11-27

31. org-mode inline src blocks not publishing

32. Hope

33. Networks of Outrage and Hope

34. outrage

35. CIA

36. A blast in Manhattan

37. A Green New Deal that Works for People and Planet with Max Ajl

38. People's Agreement of Cochabamba

39. New Constellations

40. Building Lifeboats to the Emerging Futures with Sophia Parker of the Joseph Rowntree Foundation

41. Margaret Wheatley

42. Joseph Rowntree Foundation

43. Carbon

44. Movement and Stillness

45. Carbon inequality

46. TV show

47. TV I've enjoyed watching

48. Isle of Dogs

49. Superstore

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