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1.1.1 [2021-02-20 Sat 09:16]

Been noodling with publishing org-roam via GitLab CI today, and made a good bit of progress.

1.3 2021-02-14

Saw this article, makes me think of Mike Caulfield's work on misinformation and the importance of web literacy.

John became increasingly radicalised by an online barrage of far-right disinformation. “Posts of homeless British soldiers were set against Muslim families being given free homes. Now I know the posts were all fake, but the 15-year-old me didn’t bother to fact-check.”

How far right uses video games and tech to lure and radicalise teenage recrui…

1.6 2021-02-06

Emacs nicety of the day: browsing the kill ring in helm. (Basically, seeing a list of the last few things you have cut, and choosing which one you want to paste.) SPC r y in spacemacs.

1.7 2021-02-04

Really enjoyed the When Preston Meets the Doughnut webinar. Inspiring to hear more about what's going on in Preston, and to see how Kate Raworth has been working on adaptations of Doughnut Economics to the city-level.

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