Receiving webmentions on my digital garden

planted: 04/03/2022last tended: 04/03/2022

Would be fun to be able to receive comments/annotations to my digital garden via webmentions.

As it is a static site, I'll do it with and webmentions.js


OK, so uses web log-in.

Alrighty, I'll do that via relme auth.

First I'll need to add some rel=me links.

Ha, sweet, I didn't realise rel me login can work via email address!

That's so cool. OK, so I added

<link rel="me" href="" />

to my head section for

and then signed in at

Now I can add

<link rel="webmention" href="" /> <link rel="pingback" href="" />

to my head section.

ok, let's give it a spin!

2. sending a webmention

i can send webmentions from my existing indieweb blog at

I sent one:


and it arrived!


It doesn't work with my wikilink rewriting stuff. So I need to use the full URL (or fix the rewriting stuff) if I want to mention from my own site. Which wasn't really the point, but actually could be interesting…

3. displaying webmentions

ok so now i'll try displaying received webmentions with webmentions.js

I followed the instructions at

  • include script
  • add a div for webmentions
  • pop a teeny bit of styling in

And it works!

That took about 40 minutes in total, super cool.

Needs some styling and tweaking and adding to all pages now. But that's pretty epic.

Some thoughts:

  • how do I moderate mentions
  • I wonder if you can self host

4. Elsewhere

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