Querying org-roam


I'd like something like org-ql for org-roam.

Ideally I can just use org-ql. My first concern is maybe it won't work so well on the large number of files you have in an org-roam project.

Guess I should just try it and see.

1 Tests

    :select 'element-with-markers
    :from '("~/commonplace/gift-economies-build-community.org")
     :where '(and (heading "Epistemic status"))

^ this works

:select '(org-get-heading t t t t)
:from (org-roam-list-files)
:where '(and (heading "Epistemic status"))

^ this is incredibly slow.

2 org-ql and org-roam related links

3 Musings

I guess I could lean on backlinks and org-roam's backlink buffer view…

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