Pulling stats out of org-roam


Inspired by Alex Kehayias' note on Querying Stats From Org-Roam, I'm going to use org-babel inline evaluation of sql to pull out and publish some stats too.

1 How many notes do I have?

select count(*) as number_of_notes from files
| number_of_notes |
|            1019 |

2 Notes over time

Hmm. Alex gets notes per month from the date stamp in the headline. I've removed that as I don't want it in my published filenames. That's a bit annoying then, does it remove ability to do querying based on trends over time.

The files table does hold mtime and atime. So maybe I can do something with mtime at least.

3 Elsewhere in the garden

Notes that link to this note (AKA backlinks).

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